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Chris Bosh Already Reaping Benefits of Joining the Heat

Chris Bosh Miami Heat

August 13, 2010 – Kevin Burke

Chris Bosh is a very solid player. He is a perennial All-Star with strong fundamentals and should play a very key role in the future success of the new-look Miami Heat. However, I don’t necessarily regard him as a great player that can change the complexion of a franchise, which is how he is widely regarded. But that doesn’t matter, because since joining the Miami Heat, Bosh has already enjoyed attention that he didn’t receive in Toronto.

Chris Bosh was just recently the feature of a “Got Milk?” ad. That doesn’t even sound right, but he is in a very privileged position where he is in a major U.S. city, playing for the most talked about team in recent memory. He was the same type of player in Toronto, but he never received this type of love. And he hasn’t even played a game for the Heat yet.

When asked if he thought he could have received this type of recognition in Toronto, Bosh responded, “I would like to say yes, but you never know. It’s a lot more likely that it would have came being there in the States, to be truthful. That’s the unfortunate thing about sports sometimes.” Sounds to me like he was unhappy for seven years.

Chris left Toronto not only for a chance to win, but to gain some recognition as well. Playing in Toronto for seven years, he became a forgotten man to a degree. In Manhattan this week, Chris told the AP,

“I feel that I’m one of the best power forwards in the league, but I don’t think that the exposure was there or the attention was there. Not to say that that’s what I crave, but the sports guy in me was like, ‘Hey, wait a minute. What about me?’ “ Bosh has also indicated that more companies have reached out to him as well. My, what a difference a change of scenery makes.

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