Tuesday 18th June 2024,
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LaVar Ball Predicts LeBron James will Join Los Angeles Lakers

LaVar Ball

Most oddsmakers view the Los Angeles Lakers as the singular favorites to land LeBron James (player option) this offseason. LaVar Ball is right there with them.

Speaking on Big Boy’s Neighborhoodthe father of Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball talked about the possibility of LeBron sporting purple and gold—a scenario he all but deemed a formality:

Here’s a transcript of what he said:

I do have to ask, I’m going to cut to the chase man: Do feel like LeBron James is coming to the Los Angeles Lakers?

LaVar: I don’t feel like it. I know he is. I already told you to call him LA Bron.

Well, there you have it. Every other potential LeBron suitor can take their pitch and go home. Shut it down. LaVar, a human prophecy, has spoken. LeBron is going to the Lakers. We can all move on.

Real talk, though: It wouldn’t be a surprise for LeBron to take his talents to Hollywood. Really, if we’re being honest, it wouldn’t be that much of a surprise to see him do anything this summer. He could re-sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Or join the Philadelphia 76ers. Or force a trade to the Houston Rockets. Or maybe even the Boston Celtics.

Some scenarios seem more likely than others, but LeBron is truly a wild card. He has the power to land anywhere he pleases, a form of leverage he’s more likely to use, on whatever scale he chooses, knowing that there’s no Warriors-proof contender out there to join.

That’s really the point of all this: If James cannot find a situation perfectly positioned to take down the NBA’s latest dynasty, he’s free to prioritize all sorts of other stuff. And that opens the door for him to do just about anything—which includes fulfilling LaVar’s latest prophecy.

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