Wednesday 24th July 2024,
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New Team Hasn’t Translated Into New DeMarcus Cousins

demarcus cousins

The DeMarcus Cousins and Anthony Davis experiment in New Orleans hasn’t gotten off to a roaring start thus far as the Pelicans are 2-5 since their blockbuster trade deadline move and Cousins and Davis haven’t quite found their on court chemistry yet.

That is somewhat to be expected though as the two most gifted young big men in the NBA will require some time to learn how to most effectively co-exist with one another on the court in order to maximize their effectiveness and win more games.

Some may have thought that a change of scenery from the toxic and frankly poorly run franchise he spent the past six and a half years in would be a welcome change for Cousins, who is playing much closer to home but Cousins recent interactions suggest otherwise, Boogie is still Boogie.

In the past few days Cousins has let hecklers get the best of him in Los Angeles and Utah as he told a fan to “S**K his D***, B____” during a game against the Lakers on Sunday…

He followed that up by screaming at a fan to “Sit their fat a** down” during the Pelicans game in Utah on Monday night.

While Cousins obviously isn’t the only player that reacts to hecklers in the crowd (I’m sure it is difficult for any NBA player) he clearly seems to be far more affected by them than most, which is a big reason why his emotional nature finally became too much for the Sacramento Kings organization to bear.

You can expect Cousins to be fined once again for his most recent transgressions.

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