Monday 24th June 2024,
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Dwayne Wade Previews His Li-Ning Sneaker During Heat Training Camp

Is Dwayne Wade with Li-Ning?

Despite wearing the Jordan Fly Wade 2 at the Miami Heat Media Day, Dwayne Wade laced up his newest signature sneaker during a team practice today.

On October 2nd, Dwayne Wade took to his Instagram account to post a picture of a blurry toebox where the words “WADE” can just be made out but not much else. In the shots from the Heat practice, we can see other features like a speckled midsole and white outsole.

A noticeable feature from the all the photos is the lacing design by the toebox in the shape of a W. I believe that on October 10th we will get a official unveiling of the sneaker Wade will be wearing this NBA season. The 10th is also the day that the Miami Heat play a pre-season game against the Los Angeles Clippers in Beijing so that would be a very fitting time.

There is a lot to gain on both sides from Wade joining the Li-Ning roster, but only if the sneaker is executed well. Keep in mind that there has been no official confirmation on the Li-Ning endorsement with Wade, but it was announced that he has left Jordan Brand. Wade also followed Evan Turner on Twitter recently, but I could be reading too deep into that.

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