Wednesday 24th July 2024,
The Hoop Doctors

Kevin Durant Teases Nike KD8 Day After Picture Leaks

A lot of parallels can be made between the current state of the music business and sneaker business. Thanks to the internet, information is very widespread and it is harder to keep secrets.

Yesterday, alleged pictures of the Nike KD8 started to go around. What started with a single, profile-type shot was seemingly used as an excuse for other social accounts who had the shoe (or other pictures) to post their images, leaving us with little to the imagination about what the next Kevin Durant sneaker will look like.


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Less than 24 hours after the Nike KD8 leak, Kevin Durant took to both his Instagram and Twitter feed with very official-looking teaser imagery featuring the number 8, an animal head, and a Nike Swoosh. The injured Thunder player also tagged #KD8 with the image on both social profiles.

I am going to assume that official Nike KD8 info will be coming down the pipeline very soon; I am guessing a July release date.

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