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Kobe Bryant Asked To Sign LeBron James Sneaker For Girl After Team USA Practice

July 9, 2012 – Ben Berry

Being in a position to get professional athletes to sign memorabilia is always an experience. No matter who you are, just the allure of having something signed by the person who had a hand in making that product what it is…

But what happens when a player is asked to sign something that has nothing to do with them? And what it’s a competitors product no less?

During an autograph session that followed a Team USA practice, Kobe Bryant was asked by a little girl to sign a pair of Nike’s. I hear that the Black Mamba isn’t against signing things when it comes to young fans, but how do you think he felt when she asked him to sign the shoe of a fellow Team USA captain? The look on his face tells it all.

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[images via SneakerNews]

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