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Blake Griffin Won’t Stop Using Cars as Dunk Props

October 21, 2011 – Kevin Burke

Blake Griffin took the NBA by storm last season. Sure, that’s the understatement of the week but I can’t exactly say that I thought he would be as productive. Perhaps he even surprised himself. After missing what would’ve technically been his official rookie season due to injury, I didn’t know how he’d respond. By Timofey Mozgov can attest that Blake’s legs are just fine.

And he showed off his high-wire act in the dunk contest. His presence alone easily made it the most anticipated dunk contest in recent memory. As you know, he would ultimately prevail and the dunk that sealed the deal for him was his final attempt where he jumped over the hood of a Kia. Many weren’t that impressed by the dunk (myself included), but it made for great theatre and is one of the biggest NBA memories from a year ago.

Since that worked out so well for him, he has continued to use cars as dunk props. Check out his newest Kia spot where he channels his inner Evil Knievel as well:

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