Tuesday 16th July 2024,
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Is Lebron James Actually Left-Handed? The Internet Blows Up (Video)

The Los Angeles Lakers played the Golden State Warriors on Friday night preseason action. It’s not abnormal for star players to only put in limited minutes in preseason games. So if you are putting in bets on the games, there is a lot of uncertainty on the end result not knowing if the game’s biggest names will play or not. You can always look for TPP advice on NBA betting sites. But that said, I’m still not sure it’s completely normal for star players to leave the bench at half time, throw on a sweatsuit, and return to the bench with dinner in hand. But that’s exactly what Lebron James did on Friday night.

Some Lakers broadcasters and legends called out Lebron for this behaviour, saying it’s unprofessional and disrespectful to his teammates. Michael Cooper for one….

“I didn’t like it,” Cooper said on The Showtime Podcast. “I didn’t like that. Again, he’s LeBron James, but still, you got to have respect for the game man, man. He’s sitting over there. I don’t mind the guy eating, but go eat in the locker room, and then when you come out and be part of the team, not just sit at the end of the bench eating.”

But that’s when the internet did the internet thing, and went all conspiracy theory on us. It was pointed out by a fan on twitter that Lebron was eating with his left hand the entire meal. But he’s right-handed. That’s when the internet had everything from a ‘stunt double’ theory, to this theory that his eating left-handed is why he’s so ambidextrous in finishing at the rim with either hand….

The internet is always looking for ways to knock Lebron down a notch. Or just assuming the great Luka D is even going to get his number one day…

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