Tuesday 18th June 2024,
The Hoop Doctors

Durant: “Guy You See Now is Real Me, Guy in OKC Was A Phony”


On the court Kevin Durant is a cold-blooded assassin, back to back NBA Finals MVP and probably the most unstoppable offensive force in the NBA.

Off the court he seems to be somewhat sensitive and insecure at times and has a tendency to isolate himself from the media and all of the hoopla that comes with being an NBA superstar.

This is what he told Chris Broussard of Fox Sports:

“The guy you see now is the real me. The guy in Oklahoma City was the phony. I was just trying to please everybody and do what I thought everybody wanted me to do. The guy I am now in Golden State, that’s the real me.”

Durant is a hard guy to peg sometimes and still seems to be figuring himself out, I mean he is still in his 20s after all.

He can be ornery and distant or candid and engaging, self-assured and above it all or insecure and using fake Twitter and Instagram accounts to argue with detractors online.

He is becoming somewhat of an NBA villain as the leader of the evil empire that is the Golden State Warriors, especially after choosing to sign their in free agency after they had already competed for a few titles.

Whatever you think or Durant thinks about himself off of the court, there is no denying he will retire as one of the best players in NBA history on the court.

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