Sunday 04th December 2022,
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LeBron Got the Better of Kobe During Career Matchups

Kobe and Lebron

Although we never got to see the dream NBA Finals match up of Kobe vs. LeBron that we desired for almost a decade, last night was still substantial as it was the last time the two greatest wing players since the Jordan era would ever square off on a basketball court.

It was a fun night as the Cavaliers won a 120-108 shootout in Los Angeles and LeBron had 24 points including a few highlight dunks and Kobe looked like his vintage self for a night, scoring 26 points on 11-for-16 shooting.

King James faced off a total of 22 times in their careers with LeBron clearly getting the best of Kobe with a 16-6 record against Kobe.

LeBron averaged 28.2 PPG and shot 46% from the field in his 16 wins, while Kobe averaged 24.6 PPG and shot 42% from the field in his six wins in the series.

Here is a tweet with the complete breakdown of their first 21 match ups before last night:

This tweet shows how they have changed from their first battle to their last.

Kobe and LeBron raged as the number one basketball debate for years as those either argued for LeBron’s all around dominance or Kobe’s killer instinct. They even reportedly were discussed in a swap at one point in 2007…

Although it feels like their rivalry never manifested into what we had hoped and dreamed it would, it is a sad day that we will never see these two legends face off against one another again.

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