Saturday 18th May 2024,
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J.R. Smith Guarantees Knicks Championship

J.R. Smith has been in the headlines a lot for the Knicks this offseason. First it was regarding his contract, then his surprising knee surgery, and then for his hair color choices.

Now he is causing a stir for more or less guaranteeing a Knicks championship this year. It’s great when a player does this because what’s he supposed to say? But that doesn’t mean this will not come without it’s fair share of criticism. Let’s see if he can handle it and back up his prediction.

During a question-and-answer session with kid golfers at Chelsea Piers, Smith was asked how sure he was of the Knicks ending their title drought this season. “I’m 100 percent sure,” the swingman said. Smith was then asked why he joined the Knicks over the Nets when he came back from China in February 2012. “The Nets weren’t good,” Smith said. “Now they’re still not good.”

When asked why he is so confident, Smith said, “I feel comfortable. People ruled us out last year early, too. We added some great pieces. Unfortunately, we got rid of some good pieces. But we added Andrea [Bargnani], Beno [Udrih], Metta [World Peace]. We have to consistently play like we did the first 20 games last year the whole season. We can’t have a middle-of-season lapse. We have to consistently play the same way.”

H/T: NY Post

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