Monday 22nd April 2024,
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‘Skool’-4-Ballerz: Coach Godwin Pull-up Jump Shots

The Hoop Doctors Skool for Ballers

Each week in The Hoop Doctors “Skool for Ballers” we will bring you tips, analysis, or drills on various aspects of the game to help guide your training to be the best damn baller you can be! Don’t forget, being a GREAT baller takes as much work off the court as it does on!

Every Off-season marks the beginning of a new opportunity for basketball players. This opportunity involves reflecting on your weaknesses and the ability to make them your strengths the following year. By now we have all heard the story of Michael Jordan and how he was cut from his high school team as a freshman. What would disappoint most only fueled the young Michael who took his frustrations to the off-season, eventually becoming a McDonald’s All-American by his senior year.

These are the inspirational stories that basketball players love to hear but rarely heed. On the front page of my website I write, “Hard work is not enough. You need insight and direction.” This has reigned true time and time again as a coach I have watched aspiring basketball players with good intentions mix hard work with little direction, only to come back with more bad habits than the previous year.

In the video below I explain how to work on and develop your mid range pull-up jump shot. This drill (taken from my Fundamentals of Scoring DVD) involves going between yours leg a set amount of times leading into a pull-up jump shot. If you include this drill (Godwin Pull-ups) in your off-season program you will develop the hand-eye coordination needed to become a better shooter off of the dribble.

Koran GodwinCoach Koran Godwin is the founder of, a basketball instructional website. He is the All-Time Leading Scorer at the University of North Florida and author of the book “Everyone Hates a Ball Hog but they Love a Scorer: The Complete Guide to Scoring Points On and Off the Basketball Court.” The Hoop Doctors are big fans of Coach Godwin, as we consider him to be one of the leading basketball minds when it comes to taking that step from being just an average player, to becoming the leading scorer. Everyone wants to be the big man on campus, well if you follow the directions of Coach Godwin, we are sure you’ll get there.

Drill: Coach Godwin Pull-ups
Goal: To learn how to pull-up and shoot on a dime

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