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The Latest on Dwight Howard Abuse Allegations

The Latest on Dwight Howard Abuse Allegations

Dwight Howard of the Washington Wizards has recently found himself in unfamiliar ground after Author Masin Elije accused him of sexual harassment and threatening. According to Masin, who identifies as a male homosexual, he had been in a relationship with Dwight Howard but later broke up. He alleges that people from Dwight’s circle have been harassing, manipulating and catfishing for his refusal to sign a nondisclosure agreement concerning his involvement with Howard.

These allegations first surfaced on Twitter in July, but Howard is yet to issue any response to them. Howard himself is not on Twitter. Such allegations can be damning to a player’s career, and they have been gaining a lot of audiences lately. Nobody has confirmed whether he is aware of the allegations or not, although the story is all over the tabloids.

Who is Masin Elije?

Masin Elije is a cisgender person who identifies as a homosexual man. He is the author of a book title “Industry Hoe,” about a character named Nova. Nova is an ambitious girl ready to do anything to achieve her dreams.
Elije is also an entrepreneur. He owns a hair company called “Mazani Mink,” that deals with 100% virgin hair. He says that he wants girls to feel good and look great at a fair price. He has a wide variety of hair products on his website.

Relationship with Dwight Howard

On Sunday evening, Elije got tongues wagging after he made several assertions regarding his relationship with Howard on his Twitter account. According to Elije, he met Howard at a ‘Wild N Out’ party, they exchanged numbers, and Howard slid into his DM a week after. Elije would then ask him to communicate through a fake Instagram account.
According to Elije things got heated pretty fast, and they were soon exchanging nudes and talking and chatting every night. One of Elije’s tweets read,

“He was fine, 6’11, goofy, very charming, NO WIFE and NEVER been married so of course, I was interested. I kept it real with him, and he kept it real with me about everything EXCEPT 1 THING…..”

Elije also seems to be accusing Howard of having relationships with a transgender woman. Elije shared the woman’s photo on his Twitter thread as well. He said that he had initially thought the Howard was seeing prostitutes, but later discovered that he was attending transgender parties.

Harassment Claims

Elije followed his revealing tweets with claims of harassment from Howard’s pastor, Calvin Simmons. Elije claimed that Simmons was harassing him because of his past relationships with Howard. Elije says that he started receiving threats from Calving and Howard after he had confronted Howard about his relationship with the transgender woman.
Calvin Simmons is a renowned pastor who has ministered to many professional athletes in his lifetime. He has been Howard’s pastor for a long time.

Elije went ahead to make assertions that he was offered money to sweep the dust under the rug. According to him, he was asked to sign an NDA in exchange for money, but he declined. He says he has been receiving calls from Howard’s people telling him that they were watching him. Allegedly, some of the calls were coming from Russia.

Elije uploaded some videos of his conversations with Howard, claiming he wanted to make sure Howard and his team had no room for lies. The conversations, as per the videos posted, were from Howard’s real Instagram account, despite Elije having claimed that they were communicating through fake accounts.

Elije concluded his rant with claims that he was scared and distressed, and had already contacted the police about the matter. He said that he wanted his followers to know the truth in case something happened to him.

Questioning and Backlash

Elije has since received a lot of questioning and backlash from various people on Twitter after his damning allegations. Although it seems obvious that Elije and Howard had some sort of relationship, it is important to note that Elije did not provide any tangible evidence of the claims he made.

He has received backlash as many people are taking his allegations with a grain of salt. Apparently, it is not the first time that Elije has come out with allegations he can’t prove. Last year, he came out accusing Playboi Carti of being gay, but never provided enough evidence to back up his allegations.

One Twitter user questioned his trustworthiness as well. According to @AllyiahsFace Elije scammed her friend $300, after agreeing to sell her a camera. Apparently, he never sent the camera and even blocked Allyiah’s friend.
These accusations are damning to Elije’s character and make his allegations a lot less believable. One thing is for sure though, the allegations he made are not going away any time soon. Dwight Howard will have to address them sooner or later.

Dwight Howard’s Career

These developments whether true or not will have an effect on Howard’s career. He will not be able to settle and concentrate on his career, as long as these allegations hang on his back. Running away from the allegation might give the impression that they are true as well.

The 6 ft 11 center for the Washington Wizards is currently dealing with a back problem and has not featured in the Wizard’s last three games. The Wizard’s performances have not been impressive so far this season. Their odds on openodds.com remain high. The media will now be hunting him down seeking his response to these allegations.


The allegations made by Elije are not light. They can take any athlete’s career down regardless of how prominent they might be. In as much as Elije’s integrity is in question, it seems evident that they had some kind of communication with Howard.

We need to hear Howard’s version of the story before drawing any conclusions. He should clear the air sooner rather than later. These allegations will continue to damage him if he does not address them as soon as possible. It is not yet clear when Howard will recover from the back problems and get back to action. More questions will probably be asked when he is playing regularly.

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