Friday 23rd February 2018,
The Hoop Doctors

Introducing New York Knicks Landry Fields’ New Girlfriend Elaine Alden

Okay, okay, she’s a professional model so she may not need any ‘introduction’. But the fact that New York Knicks Landry Fields is dating her does need an introduction, and we thought a photo gallery of images of the busty bombshell couldn’t hurt.


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  • Post-up Prince

    Wish Landry were as successful in scoring hoops as he is in scoring blondes.  Go Landry.  Wish you well in plowing your “Lily of the Fields.”

    • Anonymous

       Maybe she will improve his game for next year? Although he had a better season this year, he still has a long way to go.

  • Guest

    She’s f’n HOT

  • FreeAgentID

    Looking good Elaine!

  • Skrapper
  • Hazem_coneee

    nic pic looooooooooooool

  • Malikblackwood

    you look nice and sexy i love that  baby look sexy and pussy fat

  • ashraf moona

    Frei Naaaaaaaas many Halmouka Almkmtaz hard

  • Sammy

    If it were my girlfriend I wouldn’t be wasting my time on this site!!!!!!!

    • Anklesnap

      We don’t blame you in the least.

  • Danny from Ohio

    she is just average for a blonde

    • i would like to have an average girl like this, danny i belive you have a fat wife or you are gay, jajajajajaja

  • majoka

    the world is in sin

  • obloodyhell

    She was not-quite-almost-nearly nude in some photo sets for Strobe online magazine.

  • jamal

    very sexy girla

  • enniamerrican

    Never heard of her before. And so what if they’re dating?! A model and an athlete dating today is as common as a housefly in the summer. Try something original for a change!

  • Lucky guy.

  • hunter

    i loveu girls

  • I would eat her farts

    • obloodyhell

      TMI, wally. TMI.

  • MilfHunte

    I’d have fun w/those implants:))

  • MilfHunte

    finger licking good:))

  • hi kate

  • ANGE


  • AmosJones

    Nice but slutty.

  • Tom Tucker

    Don’t really like her face all that well. Breasts are a little to big for my taste and that bleach blonde hair just doesn’t cut it. Has a great butt and sexy legs.

  • Historian


  • Dan Stark

    It’s nearly impossible to look at that woman and NOT say something stupid and/or obvious.

    Tzssssssssssss !

  • Dan Stark

    OMG . . . if this woman has a physical flaw, only God and her gynecologist know what it is . . . .

  • Dan Stark

    Tribal cultures have created entire belief systems based on breasts that were less perfect than these. [As if to prove my own point. Sigh.]

  • Rachel Minaj

    Danish Model Nina Agdal presents Wet Bikini Body.

  • kate

    Wow Love her .. so stunning.. HOT…