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Kevin Garnett Wastes No Time at All

December 20, 2011 – Kevin Burke

Kevin Garnett is 35 years old. Kevin Garnett is about to enter his 17th season in the NBA. And Kevin Garnett is just as intense as he was when he was a skinny rookie playing in Minnesota. Whenever he finally decides to call it quits, one of the things that we will most remember about KG is the passion with which he played the game. I’ve never seen a guy play with so much raw emotion on seemingly every single play. The old cliché that we hear from players time and time again is “I play ever game like it’s my last.” Well with KG, he plays every game as if it’s Game 7 of the Finals. Even in preseason apparently.

So here we are, about to tip-off a 66-game regular season and KG wastes no time doing what he does best. The Celtics were in Toronto over the weekend taking on the Raptors in one of two preseason games that will be played this year. You’d think that, especially given the circumstances, Garnett would be taking it easy until Christmas Day but no such luck. In the game versus Toronto, Garnett was at the three-point line guarding Andrea Bargnani and displays his typical fire by clapping and yelling at Andrea. That’s nothing new for KG, but really? You got to love his passion for the game:

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