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DeAndre Jordan Dunks on the Entire Frontcourt of the Lakers

December 20, 2011 – Kevin Burke

Are they a better team than the Lakers right now? That remains to be seen. But are they a more exciting team? That isn’t even a question. The Clippers are the talk of the NBA and all of a sudden, their Christmas night game against the Warriors just became alot more interesting.

Chris Paul and Blake Griffin will undoubtedly receive most attention this season for the Clippers. That goes without saying. But their center, DeAndre Jordan, is no slouch either. A few weeks ago, he signed an offer sheet from the Golden State Warriors, but a qualifying offer was made by the Clippers which meant he’d be staying in Los Angles. That was good news for the Clipps. This guy is young, tall (which doesn’t hurt) and freakishly athletic. He’s not an offensive juggernaut by any stretch, but he can defend the basket. And he can also finish around the rim. Just ask Andrew Bynum AND Pau Gasol based on what Jordan did to both of them last night:

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