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My Fave 5 Greatest Michael Jordan Shoe Commercials

Greatest Air Jordan Commercials

September 9, 2008 – Dr. Anklesnap

I love hoops, I love shoes, I love Michael Jordan, I love great TV commercials. Nuff said right? If not, here’s some more to say it right…

1. The Original Air Jordan “Banned” Commercial from Nike

2.  Original Nike Mars Blackmon (Spike Lee)/Michael Jordan Commercial

3. Air Jordan – “Let your game speak”

4. Michael Jordan “Love is…” Commemoritive Commercial (Jordan Brand)

5. Air Jordan “Tell me” Commercial

As an added bonus I gotta show some love for the newer Air Jordan commercial called “Maybe”…, Inc. Value Pack Banners 468x60 full banner

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  • GSW_Life

    Love all of the commercials with Spike Lee AKA Mars Blackmon

  • I love the list, but I think you get points off for not having the original “Want to be like Mike” Commercial. That changed the world of Marketing.

  • I’ve read about the “banned” commercial. But I hadn’t seen it in it’s entirety. Great find.


  • Dr. Anklesnap


    Wasn’t that a Gatorade Commercial though? This post was about shoe commercials…

  • Busted. I was reading too fast. Do you think it could be on the list anyways?

  • Mos Def,

    The ‘be like mike’ commercial was a huge innovator and sparked changes in sports marketing for good!

  • me

    This a good news an great post.