Thursday 30th May 2024,
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NCAA Tournament Bracket: 5 Tips to Increase the Chance of Winning a Bet

There isn’t a clear favorite to win the Big Dance in 2022, which is when the NCAA Tournament will take place.

Although there will be first-round surprises during March Madness, picking No. 1 is still your greatest chance of winning a bracket. The No. 1 seeds have dominated the tournament since the NCAA tournament’s field was increased to 64 teams in 1984–85.

The March Madness tournament is the wildest time of the year for sports bettors. 68 Division 1 men’s collegiate basketball teams compete to make their mark on the NCAA basketball landscape, similar to the Super Bowl.

Unskilled bracket pickers may commit the biggest error by failing to comprehend how the scoring system in your bracket pool should affect selection strategy. Understanding the rules is the first step to winning your NCAA Tournament bracket pool this year 2023.

Now let’s check out the 5 tips to increase the chances of March Madness betting:

TIP #1: Select the top-seeded team

The higher-seeded club is considered to be the superior squad by the NCAA Tournament selection committee. The better off you are, the lower the seed. It’s like a better, twisted version of golf.

Really, it’s a fresh idea. You can start your journey to become a junior bracketologist if you can understand it. Jerry Palm could even be willing to mentor you, but only if you agree to sleep for a total of about 12 hours during the whole March Madness season.

TIP #2: Stick to the No. 1 seeds, they are always a wise choice

Despite being the most obvious tip thus far, this one is worth mentioning since it can be used as an addition to tip number one. Since the NCAA Tournament field was expanded in 1985, 20 of the 34 champions have come from No. 1 seeds.

Take, for instance, Duke in 2010, Kentucky in 2012, Louisville in 2013, Duke in 2015, UNC in 2017, and Villanova in 2018 were all the top seeds. According to NCAA records, 32 of the 68 teams that have competed in the championship game since 1985 were 1 seeds.

TIP #3: Rely on talent, after all the first four team will proceed

We all know that the NCAA Tournament’s circumstances seem to be repeating themselves. A team from the First Four has made it past the first round of the 64-team bracket every year since the field was increased to 68 to allow for the “First Four” to be contested. Take one piece of advice, throw a dice and select at least one of those four teams to win several games.

TIP #4: Avoid selecting a No. 16 seed to defeat a No. 1

Yes, there was that one time when No. 16 seed UMBC shocked No. 1 overall seed Virginia. However, don’t be deceived by history. The likelihood of a No. 16 beating a No. 1 is really slim. Move on and go chalk. You will have many more chances to be brave elsewhere.

According to a professional view, it is quite impossible for a No. 16 seed to defeat a No. 1 seed. Like, extremely unlikely—only it’s ever happened once.

TIP #5: To defeat a No. 5 seed, choose at least one No. 12 seed

Another piece of advice is to select at least one 12-over-5 upset if you really want to seem stylish at work.

Over the years, the No. 12 seeds have done exceptionally well in the competition. According to the NCAA, No. 12 seeds have amassed a 47-89 record in the last 34 years when winning at least one game in the first round.

Actually, the only years that didn’t occur were 1988, 2000, 2007, 2015, and 2018. There is a good chance of an upset in a first-round game between two 12-5 teams.

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