Sunday 03rd March 2024,
The Hoop Doctors

Throwback Thursday: 19-Year Old Kobe Bryant Posterizes Ben Wallace [Video]

Just in case anyone has forgotten the incredible athleticism of a young 19 year old Kobe Bryant coming out of high school, let this pre-season dunk on shot blocker Ben Wallace be a reminder. When Kobe came straight out of high school to the NBA, it was still a bit taboo to do so. And back then NBA Coaches were still a bit old school regarding their thinking about playing 19 year olds over veterans for significant minutes. And while Kobe certainly got less court time in his rookie year than Lebron did in his years later, this dunk alone must have made the Lakers Coaching staff drool over Bryant. And don’t sleep on the veterans reactions on the bench. Remember this is supposed to be a boring preseason game!!…..

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