Tuesday 18th June 2024,
The Hoop Doctors

Draymond Green Disputes Details of (Non-)Fight with Tristan Thompson


Draymond Green is totally cool with Cleveland Cavaliers fans throwing a parade because Tristan Thompson sucker-punched or face-mushed him at a post-ESPY’s party in Los Angeles. He just wants them to remember one detail while they celebrate: The kerfuffle didn’t happen like everyone says it did.

The Athletic’s Marcus Thompson had the full details on this purported dust-up, which is where the term face-mush became a thing. And because Cleveland needs something to celebrate this summer aside from Kevin Love’s extension, there will be a gathering in Tristan Thompson’s honor, scheduled tentatively for October 13. But Green has since delivered a rebuke to reports via Instagram:

It’s slightly difficult to understand whether Green is trying to communicate anything specific. Is he saying the altercation didn’t happen at all? Or that it just didn’t unfold as detailed by The Athletic and other sites?

Odds are some type of confrontation unfolded. These things can come out of nowhere, but Marcus Thompson is a reputable reporter who has been around the Golden State Warriors for quite some time. There’s no way he’s getting played to the level of imaginary rumors.

Perhaps, though, Thompson didn’t just up and punch Green out of the blue. Maybe it was just a light shove. And maybe that light shove happened on accident while he was innocently trying to cross the room. Or maybe that light shove was done on purpose but in jest, as a means of poking fun at Green ignoring Thompson and and criticizing him after Game 4 of the NBA Finals. And maybe LeBron James and Kevin Durant didn’t break up the fight, but joined in on the laughing that ensued after said joke. We don’t know.

We’ll probably never know the full story. We’ll hear drips and drabs of different versions, but the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the whole truth with remain a mystery until the end of time. That’s what happens when phones aren’t allowed into these famous-people shindigs.

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