Tuesday 18th June 2024,
The Hoop Doctors

Joe Ingles Offers to Pay for Warriors to Party in Las Vegas If They Don’t Like Utah

Joe Ingles

Joe Ingles just earned himself a max contract.

According to ESPN.com’s Chris Haynes, the Golden State Warriors preferred to play the Los Angeles Clippers over the Utah Jazz in the second round, not because they felt Lob City was the easier opponent (they are), but because Hollywood’s night life is much better than that of Salt Lake City.

That’s the level of not-so-humble brag the Warriors have reached: They’re worried about what to do after winning, not about how to win.

The Jazz, their fans and citizens of Utah could naturally take this as a slight. Ingles, though, went a different route, taking this as an opportunity to sabotage the opposition with the lure of parties in Las Vegas, per the Desert News‘ Jody Genessy:

“This shows high basketball IQ that Ingles has the foresight to try coaxing the Warriors into self-foisted ruin,” is what the Australian’s agent will tell teams meeting with him during restricted free agency. And he or she damn well should.

Ingles can switch on defense, orchestrate the offense, drain threes and, most importantly, throw shade at a Warriors squad disrespecting the Jazz’s proximity to that party life. Talk about versatility.

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