Saturday 18th May 2024,
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Stephen Curry Rejected NBA’s 3-Point Contest Invite to ‘Capitalize’ on Slower All-Star Schedule


The NBA announced the participants for the 2017 Three-Point Contest on Thursday, and a certain someone was conspicuously absent from the final list of eight:

No Stephen Curry? Say what?

The Golden State Warriors’ point guard, who will be partaking in the Feb. 19 superstar showcase as a starter, offered an explanation for his decision to decline the league’s invite, per the Bay Area News Group’s Anthony Slater:

“Honestly, this All-Star weekend is kind of the slowest, schedule-wise, I’ve had,” he said. “And I want to capitalize on that rest.”

Fair enough, and Curry does go on to note that stepping away from the three-point shootout was not an easy decision. But he’s also working off two straight NBA Finals runs, both of which included a trip to the All-Star exhibition in the middle,  with another one likely on the horizon this year. If he has a chance to rest up, for however long, before Golden State’s stretch run, he might as well do it.

Plus, while Curry’s already partaken in the shootout a half-dozen times, his preference to step away this year doesn’t mean he’s done forever. He’s still in his prime, still an unguardable flamethrower, and still going to shoot 40-plus percent on a crap ton of threes next season. The NBA will no doubt extend him another invite in 2018, and perhaps, at that time, he’ll accept it.

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