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Warriors and Spurs Have All-Time Great First Halves: Where Do They Rank Historically?

warriors and Spurs

The Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs appear to be playing on a whole separate level than the rest of the NBA at the midway point of the season. They are a combined 72-10 in 82 games (an 88% winning percentage) while the rest of the league is a combined 558-575 (a 49% winning percentage).

The Spurs have the highest margin of victory halfway through a season in NBA history at +14.2.

The Warriors had the greatest start to a season in NBA history at 24-0.

They lead the NBA in shooting and three point percentage and are two of the top three teams in the NBA in assists with the Hawks who are basically trying to recreate the Spurs formula out east with .5 more assists per game than the Spurs at this point.

The Spurs possess one of the greatest defenses in NBA history while the Warriors boast one of the greatest offenses ever.

The Spurs and Warriors are two of 10 teams in NBA history to have six losses or less at the midway point of the season, here are the other six:

Blazers 1977-78: 35-6
76ers 1982-83: 35-6
Bulls 1991-92: 36-5
Bulls 1995-96: 38-3
Bulls 1996-97: 36-5
Pistons 2005-06: 36-5
Spurs 2010-11: 35-6
Warriors 2014-15: 35-6

The Warriors have the second best first half record in NBA history behind the Chicago Bulls at 38-3 in their record 72-win season in 1995-96.

The Warriors and Spurs are also a combined 43-0 at home this season and if one can beat the other on their home court, each have a legitimate chance to become the first team in NBA history to finish a season undefeated at home.

There are 14 teams in NBA history that have won at least 37 home games in a season, the Boston Celtics have the best home record for a season in NBA history with a record of 40-1 at home.

**1985-86 Celtics 40-1**
1995-96 Bulls 39-2
1996-97 Bulls 39-2
2008-09 Cavaliers 39-2
1995-96 Sonics 38-3
1996-97 Jazz 38-3
2012-13 Heat 37-4
2005-06 Pistons 37-4
1988-89 Pistons 37-4
1989-90 Lakers 37-4
1993-94 Sonics 37-4
1980-81 76ers 37-4
1997-98 Chicago Bulls 37-4

Of those 14, six went on to win the NBA title and 10 went on to the NBA Finals.

One thing is clear this season, regardless of whether or not the Warriors or Spurs compete to win 70 games this season we appear to be on a crash course for one of the greatest western conference battles we have ever seen, unless the Thunder have something to say about that.

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