Sunday 16th June 2024,
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Kobe on His Play: “I Freaking Suck, 200th Best Player In The League”

Kobe 200th Best PlayerAs was expected coming into the season, the Lakers haven’t exactly gotten off to a hot start through three games. And all eyes have been on Kobe Bryant, who doesn’t as quick as he has even just two years ago. After all, it is the man’s 20th NBA season, so we’ll give him a break.

But Kobe is his own worst critic and isn’t thrilled with him performance thus far. He even goes as far as to poke fun at his ESPN ranking by calling himself the 200th best player in the league so far.

“D’Angelo’s putting me in the right spots and stuff like that. I’ve got to capitalize for him, that’s all If I could make a damn shot, that would help. I suck right now.”

H/T: USA Today

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