Wednesday 24th April 2024,
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DeMarcus Cousins on Barkley: “I Have No Respect For You”

cousinstDeMarcus Cousins and Charles Barkley have a lot in common. More than either would like to agree to, perhaps. Both from Alabama, and both weren’t the easiest guys to coach or deal with. That’s probably why they don’t seem to get along.

Doing his job as an analyst, Charles Barkley has been critical of Cousins throughout his career and DeMarcus has been paying attention. Cousins has no use for Barkley and you have to wonder if the two will ever be cordial. Although, I’m sure Barkley loses no sleep over any of this.

Mention that Barkley doesn’t believe the cold shoulder is merited, and Cousins responds as if Barkley is standing directly in front of him:

“I have no respect for you and I never will. We have nothing to talk about. So, yes, every time we see each other, there will never be words.”

H/T: Bleacher Report

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