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5 NBA Teams Facing the Pressure 2010-11

With the start of the 2010-2011 season just hours away, all 30 teams have big expectations. However, some teams will be facing a little more pressure than others.

5. Portland Trail Blazers

The last two or three seasons, Portland has been predicted as a possible threat to the Lakers in the Western Conference. However, sooner than later they will have to either live up to these expectations, or be labeled as underachievers. A lot of the missed opportunities have been due to injuries. In the last two seasons, Greg Oden has played a total of 13 games. A lot of fans and experts believe Oden’s development and health are the differences in the Blazers being a playoff team and a true championship contender. If Oden proves to be a bust and the Blazers have a third straight first round playoff exit, what do the Blazers do to get over the hump?

4. New Orleans Hornets

I don’t think anyone really expects the Hornets to contend for a championship this year. With that being said, there is pressure on the Hornets to at least be competitive again in the Western Conference and in doing so, keeping Chris Paul happy. This past summer, there were talks of Chris Paul demanding a trade. After the trade talks fizzled, the Hornets told Chris they were committed to getting the Hornets back into contention. If the Hornets finish below the .500 mark for the second consecutive season, it will only make matters more complicated in trying to keep Paul in New Orleans.

3. Chicago Bulls

After consecutive 41-41 seasons, the Bulls have serious expectations this season. They have an all-star point guard in Derrick Rose and in the off season they beefed up their front court by adding Carols Boozer to compliment Joakim Noah. The Bulls also replaced Vinny Del Negro with Tom Thibodeau. Thibodeau has been the Celtics defensive guru the last three seasons, in which the Celtics made the finals two times. When Carlos Boozer returns from a broken hand injury, the Bulls should be a very nice team. With the new additions, there should be no reason the Bulls can’t get one of the top four spots in the Eastern Conference.

2. Oklahoma City Thunder

Ever since giving the Lakers a scare last year in the first round of the playoffs, the Thunder have been a trendy pick in the Western Conference to possibly dethrone the Lakers. After winning 23 games in 2008-2009, the Thunder snuck up on everyone last year by winning 50. There will be no sneaking up on anyone this season. How will the young Thunder react to all of the expectations this season? The answer to this question will determine whether the Thunder are ready now, or are still 2-3 years away from truly contending for the Larry O’Brien Trophy.

1. Miami Heat

Everyone who has ears and eyes knows why there are expectations for the Heat this season. What is going to be more interesting than watching the developments of James, Bosh, and Wade is the dynamic between Pat Riley and Erik Spoelstra. Something tells me Riley is licking his lips at the opportunity to coach the superstar trio. Therefore, Spoelstra is likely on a short leash. It will be interesting to see just how short of a leash Spoelstra is on.

Joshua Sexton is a lifelong basketball fanatic, who watches as many games as possible. In addition, He has played and coached the game at the high school level. He has recently started writing about the game of basketball.

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