Tuesday 19th June 2018,
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Bucks Unveil Classic Uniform For Final Game in Old Arena

Bucks Unveil Classic Uniform For Final Game in Old Arena


The Milwaukee Bucks are celebrating their 50th anniversary in the 2017-18 season and one of the ways that they have decided to honor their rich history is by playing a home game in their old MECCA Arena against the Boston Celtics on October 26.

The Bucks spent their first 20 seasons as a franchise playing in the 12,500 seat arena (their current arena can hold 20,000) from 1968 to 1988, and this will be their first game their since.

The arena is now the home of the UW-Milwaukee basketball team.

In order to maximize the nostalgia and experience, the Bucks have unveiled a classic vanilla uniform with green and red trim as they did back in their earlier days of the NBA.

I have got to be honest, the simple and sleek uniforms are pretty sharp and add the perfect feel to the game.

The Phoenix Suns are also celebrating their 50th anniversary this season. They are doing so with a classic uniform from their infancy in the NBA that they will reveal in the coming weeks and wear on occasion next season as well.

I am always a sucker for nostalgia and the Bucks are doing it right with these jerseys and going back to their original home.

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