Saturday 15th June 2024,
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Top 10 Dunks of LeBron’s Career

Lebron James Top 10 Dunks

After watching LeBron James incredibly powerful and swift double pump reverse dunk in the lane Wednesday night it got me thinking about the top 10 dunks of his illustrious career, is last night’s dunk in the top 10?

Being a 6’8″ 260 pound freight train of speed, power and athleticism has lent itself to some pretty incredible throw downs by King James.

Here are the top 10 dunks of LeBron’s career…

10. Between the Legs in High School

9. Over Devin Harris to Send Game to OT

8. Double Pump vs. Nuggets

7. LeBron over KG

6. Legend over Legend

5. LeBron Posterizes Millsap

4. LeBron Oop over Terry

3. Double Pump vs. Milwaukee

2. LeBron Clears Lucas

1. LeBron Devours Damon Jones’s Soul

There you have it, the top 10 dunks of LeBron James’s career, it will forever be a travesty that he never agreed to participate in the dunk contest.

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