Friday 01st December 2023,
The Hoop Doctors

Kobe Bryant’s Game Worn Facemask Sold for $67K on eBay

I’m sure you all remember earlier this season when Dwyane Wade gave Kobe Bryant the hard foul in the face during the All-Star Game that broke his nose. The injury that had Kobe Bryant wearing a custom fit facemask, a-la Rip Hamilton.

Even though it was a necessity, Kobe regularly was cursing the mask for trapping the heat and sweat and making it difficult to see at times. So after healing up it was no surprise Kobe quickly shed the mask. But why let such a rare piece of sports paraphenalia go to waste? Kobe listed the mask on eBay and 100% of the profits from the sale are set to go to the Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Family Foundation (KVBFF). Well the mask sold today for a whopping $67,000 after 15 solid bids.

KVBFF is dedicated to improving the lives of youth and families in need through educational and cultural enrichment opportunities, financial support and community programs. (via)

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