Tuesday 18th June 2024,
The Hoop Doctors

Bosh Says Wade is Better at Taking Clutch Shots than Lebron

Chris Bosh in a recent interview with GQ Magazine, may be calling in to question the ‘order’ of things in Miami. We all know Lebron has been playing out of his mind this season. And we also know, that the Heat in late game situations still seem to be forcing the ball into the hands of Lebron James who has yet to prove he can carry them to victory in the clutch. But who HAS proven they can carry a team in the clutch moments of a game? Dwyane Wade can. Just ask Chris Bosh…

GQ: Let’s say the game was tied. 10 seconds left. You had 30 points, LeBron’s got 30, and Wade’s got 30. You got the same amount of rebounds, same amount of assists—having the same great game. Who takes the shot at the end to either win or lose the game.

Bosh: Because of his success in the past, given what he’s done. He’s a champ. He’s an MVP, and he’s hit a bunch of last-second shots. That’s the time you have to put pride aside a little bit, and do what’s best for the team. He’s quickest, and he’s gonna get a shot off. He relishes those moments.(via GQ)

Personally, I can’t argue with Bosh there. Dwyane Wade is a big time performer late in games and has proven it time and time again. Like all the greats, he seemingly lives for those moments.

But was it really necessary to upset the apple-cart? Couldn’t he have given a ‘no-comment’?

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