Thursday 20th June 2024,
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Kyrie Irving Compares His Resistance to that of Muhammad Ali? WTF?!

Kyrie Irving Compares Muhammad AliJust in case the story this season of Kyrie Irving couldn’t get any stranger, the latest twist has Kyrie on his instagram this week comparing himself to the late and great Muhammad Ali. We recently posted about the Brooklyn Nets decision to cave and let Kyrie Irving return for away games to avoid the vaccine mandate at home games. The Nets then immediately put Irving on COVID Protocols due to recent covid exposures. So the come back was fairly short lived so far. And I guess all the thinking about his ‘struggles’, Kyrie decided today it was a good idea to post a comparison of his struggle to that of Muhammad Ali refusing to go to war due to religious reasons.

We are all well aware of the struggles of Muhammad Ali during the prime of his career in the civil rights movement. He famously refused to serve in the war, claiming his religion wouldn’t allow him to serve. However he also was fed up with the way African-Americans were being treated at the time by the powers at be, yet expected to go to war to protect the freedoms of others. That decision came with a hefty financial fine, loss of a belt, and a 5 year prison sentence. On that basis alone, Kyrie can’t possibly think his situation is the same.

Now lets think about Kyrie’s ‘movement’ on the other hand. His refusal to get a vaccine to protect himself, his teammates, and the general public from getting a virus that is killing millions of people the world over, is supposed to be on the same level of resistance and righteousness as Muhammad Ali? C’mon. We aren’t buying it.

I don’t even know if Muhammad Ali himself if he was here today would support the comparison. If anything Ali was a supporter of vaccines and vaccine mandates….

Muhammad Ali Kyrie Irving Vaccine

What are your thoughts? I see Kyrie has already removed the post from Instagram after it started blowing up. But do you think he has any merit in thinking the two sets of resistance to the system are the same?

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