Friday 01st July 2022,
The Hoop Doctors

Derrick Rose Says He’s Feeling More Love in NY Than He Did in Chicago


Going solely on what he’s been saying so far, Derrick Rose is very happy to be a Knick. You get that feeling that, if he wasn’t, he’d be open and honest about it. His trade was as shocking to us as it was to him, but he has taken it all in stride.

His checkered injury history is well documented, but at only 27 years old, and in a contract year, let’s pump our brakes on writing him off just yet. And the fans in NY have really seemed to gravitate towards him so far. He’s really feeling the love before ever stepping foot on the court. Rose realize and appreciates this. In fact, he says this is more love than he got in his hometown of Chicago.

“I was feeling a lot of love,” Rose said. “You feel that a little bit in Chicago, but it’s not on that level of New York, so it kind of makes you anxious to actually get on the court. It’s, like, ‘Man, they’re excited that I’m actually there.’ I haven’t even picked up a ball yet, I haven’t made a basket yet, and I can only imagine how they’re going to act when we start winning.”


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