Thursday 21st September 2023,
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David Blatt, LeBron Disagree on Priorities Down the Stretch

lebronblattThe playoffs are a little over a month away and teams are jockeying for position. At least, that’s how Cavs head coach David Blatt sees it. He thinks it’s very important that Cleveland finishes second in the East. However, LeBron James doesn’t see seeding as being that important. He’d rather have a healthy squad rank as the top priority.

“We got to finish in second place,” Blatt said Monday after the Cavs’ 106-92 loss to the Miami Heat. …

“The coaching staff, if that’s what they want, but for me, I never play for seeding. I just play,” [LeBron] said. “And wherever at the end of the season we land, I’m ready. Just get me in the playoffs. Get me in the playoffs, I feel like I can win on anybody’s floor. I feel like I can win at home. I’m that confident in my ability and our team’s ability. So I’ve never in my 12-year career played for seeding. That’s just not how I work.” …

James has different goals for the Cavs in the last month of the regular season.

“Health,” James said. “Health and chemistry. We got to continue to build our chemistry. We’re a young group, as far as cohesiveness on the floor. So we got to continue to build that, and we got to be healthy during the playoffs.”

H/T: espn

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