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Sacremento Kings SlamWow Part 3 – The Final Episode

SlamWow Sacramento Kings

April 25, 2009 – Dr. Browntorious

So we all know by now what happened to Vince Offer a.k.a Vince Shlomi from ShamWow fame, and over the last couple of weeks we’ve shown you Part 1 and Part 2 of the new product infomercial to replace ShamWow. It’s called the Sacramento Kings SlamWow! Here is the 3rd and final part to the SlamWow infomercial for your laughter and enjoyment.

Part one was SlamWow the original, Part 2 of the infomercial for SlamWow industrial, and in Part 3 there is a focus on the absorbency properties of SlamWow. Of course it’s always ‘good for everything’! Don’t wait, get yours now:

(H/T to rprevatt for the video and emailing us)

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