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Basketball Betting 101-Tips And Strategy

Basketball Betting 101-Tips And Strategy

Amongst the most liked sports in the world is basketball. A large number of people watch basketball the numerous basketball tournaments and leagues. Some like betting on basketball. Before you begin to bet on basketball with Betway, you need to know the tips and strategies. Discussed below are some of the most useful tactics.

Spread Betting

Spread betting is a prevalent form of betting on basketball. It is also known as line betting. You will find NBA games listed in the following manner; Loston Celtics +5.5 VS Los Angeles Lakers -5.5. This means that if you place a bet on Lakers, they must win by a margin of more than 5.5 points. On the other hand, if you bet on the Celtics, they have to win the game absolute or lose by a maximum of 5 points.

Betting On Basketball Underdogs

This is whereby a punter will bet on their favorite sport or league. In this case, the market is always distorted in favor of underdogs. For instance, over the last 10 NBA seasons, teams playing as underdogs of +12 points or more have covered the line over 53% of the time. This shows that there is a favoritism in the market; underdogs that are lowly regarded are favored. When betting, you should put in your mind that teams with a low chance of winning are given spreads in their favor.

Betting On Basketball Popular Teams

You will find most punters on betting sites like Betway placing their bets on popular teams like the Lakers. The Lakers have been successful for quite some time, but it doesn’t mean they will always win. There is no need for betting on a famous team then end up losing your money. Be careful when betting for such teams; find circumstances where you can bet against them or avoid betting for them altogether.

Betting On Basketball Totals

Putting a stake on the total number of points scored is very popular. This is dependent on the tournament or league. For example, points will be in the range of 180-220 points in the NBA. In the European and College basketball, points will range from 120-160. If you want to be successful when betting on basketball totals, do not look at the team’s short term averages. Look at how often a team has surpassed the total number of given points.

Betting based on the meetings between the competing teams

You need to find out if the teams have ever met before. This will give you a hint of how the outcome is going to be. Also, look out at how the teams play when they are playing away or at home. You will always find a distinction between the two.

Betting Based On Situations

Look at the situation in which a team is at, and you will know the outcome. Most of the time, you will find teams playing fast, but when they have matches that need to be played away, they will maintain a low speed and probably a low scoring game. Observe whether the team is playing at home or away before placing your bets on Betway. Teams that play at home tend to perform better than those that have traveled for long journeys. They will most probably be tired and not getting enough rest for them to perform well.

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