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A Beginners Guide To Betting On Basketball

More and more people are starting to follow the wonderful game of basketball all across the globe.

Although the NBA in America is the most followed basketball league, it is just as massive in Asian countries like China and Japan as well as a lot of European countries including Greece and Italy.

If you are new to betting on basketball have a read through to get some helpful tips and advice to hopefully improve your chances of winning yourself some extra money.

Type Of Bets To Make

The great thing about betting online with basketball is the wide range of things you can bet on. As well as the standard bets such as the outcome of a game, who will win the championship and so on, and there are more obscure and interesting bets you can place.

There is spread betting, futures bets, parlays, teasers and pleasers, so, as you can see, there are lots of variations of bets you can make.

Also in play betting has become more popular as most online casinos and sports betting websites now offer either mobile applications or mobile friendly websites, so you are able to place a bet on basketball from wherever you are in the world from the comfort of your own mobile smart phone.

The other great thing about in play betting is you can make these bets as you are watching the action unfold in front of your eyes. So if you have a feeling a certain player is going to get a slam dunk soon, you are able to quickly jump on your phone and place that bet.

Where Can I Bet On Basketball Games?

There are thousands of different online casinos that offer sports betting on their website, with most offering the ability to bet on basketball matches.

Your best starting place would be to use a search engine to find online casinos that are offering the best odds on basketball matches in the country you reside. Also seek out an online casino that has good promotional and sign up offers to take advantage of the deals they are offering.

Betting On The Most Popular And Successful Teams

The most obvious teams to bet on are those with the most success such as the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA league.

They have been extremely successful over the last few years and continue year on year out to be one of the strongest teams within the NBA league. So they are considered to be one of the safer teams to bet on winning.

Betting On The Underdogs

The great thing about basketball and pretty much every sport going, is that sometimes the underdogs win. If you are betting on the underdog and they do win the odds are always normally very long, so there is a lot of money to be made betting on the underdog, just don’t forget they are called the underdog for a reason.

It’s less likely that this type of bet will win, so should you choose to bet on the underdog, bet small amounts so as not to lose too much money.

Over Or Under Bets

This is a popular style of bet which you are basically betting on the game either being a high scoring or low scoring match.

If you are betting on over then you are wanting a high scoring match as you need there to be more than forty one points being scored, if you choose to bet on under then you are hoping for a low scoring game and you need there to be less than forty one points scored.

With this bet it doesn’t matter which team or who scores as you are betting on the total points of the match scored.

A good way to choose which outcome to bet on is by looking at the previous form of the teams involved in the match, as this way you can hopefully predict if it will be a high or low scoring match.

Of course, every game can be played out in any fashion so nothing is guaranteed, but should two low scoring teams be playing each other the probability of a low scoring match is more likely to happen and vice versa with high scoring teams.

Following Basketball Tips

There are many blogs and websites you can find on the internet offering their advice and tips on upcoming matches in all different basketball leagues.

These can be useful to help decide which bets you may want to take one, but it’s always best to trust your own instincts and gut feeling when it comes to gambling. Nothing is a sure thing in basketball and sports betting in general so you should always make the final decision and always bet sensibly.

It can be very easy to get addicted to gambling on basketball so always bet moderately and when the fun stops so should you.

Who Will Win The NBA 2020 Title?

Surprisingly the current favourites to win the 2020 title is the Milwaukee Bucks followed closely by the Los Angeles Lakers.

Although there is still a lot to play for , one of the above two teams will walk away with the 2020 title, due to their current form and their strong team selections.

There are ten teams that could walk away with the title and anything can happen in basketball but the safest bet would be choosing Milwaukee Bucks.

To Sum Up

Although betting on basketball has been happening for many years, as the sport continues to grow so does the amount of money gambled on the sport.

And as the sport is becoming more and more popular across Asia and Europe you no longer need to just find NBA games to bet on, as there is a vast amount of other leagues that can be found to both watch and gamble on.

If you are new to sports betting always start with small amounts and set yourself limits to the amount of cash you are willing to gamble with.

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