Tuesday 28th May 2024,
The Hoop Doctors

DeMarcus Cousins Expected to Start Practicing with Golden State Warriors in ‘Near Future’


DeMarcus Cousins continues to inch closer toward making his Golden State Warriors debut.

On Tuesday, the team announced that he has already been completing certain drills and will begin practicing with the rest of the squad in the near future:

Most initially had Cousins returning sometime around the start of 2019. If he’s already on the verge of practicing with the Warriors, it seems like he’s on track to beat that timetable. He’s still weeks away at the very least, but it sure sounds like we’re looking at a potential late-November or early-December debut.

Whenever he joins the lineup, Cousins will be one of the NBA’s most fascinating players to watch. Everyone is chomping at the bit wondering how he’ll fit in with the reigning champs.

How many minutes will he play? Will he close games? How will he react when he doesn’t? How will he handle not being the focal point of the offense for most of the game? What will he look and move like following his recovery from a ruptured Achilles? Will he lose the nimble explosion that made him near unguardable in the half-court?

Talent tends to figure things out, and the Warriors are uber-talented. Their unrivaled culture should take care of the rest. Cousins is a luxury they don’t need, and he knows it. That sets the stage for an understanding—and, thus, a successful union—both on and off the court.

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