Wednesday 21st November 2018,
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76ers Want GM Who Will Collaborate With Minority Owners

76ers Want GM Who Will Collaborate With Minority Owners

After all of the drama and fake Twitter pages that led to former 76ers General Manager Bryan Colangelo stepping down from his position a few months back, the team is still searching for their new GM.

According to a report from Keith Pompey of The Inquirer, they are looking for a candidate who will collaborate with minority owners and others on their personnel decisions:

“Yes, they want a name general manager. But they’re also looking for someone who doesn’t have the final say, so to speak. They want to do it all like a group decision.

There’s a guy in the ownership group. His name is David Heller.

He’s one of these guys from New York. When Sam Hinkie was the GM, from what you hear, is he was a guy who was basically running the meetings, and he had a heavy hand in the decision making. And at this particular time, he again has a heavy hand in the decision making.

And when you look at the fact that they have Joel Embiid, they have Ben Simmons, and they have all these other guys, they feel as if the model that they have works. So why tweak it? Also, it’s one of those things where they’re heavy analytics based. Brett Brown has a say. They trust Brett Brown. So, you feel like, right now, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.”

While I can understand the 76ers thought process here this screams one thing: experienced general managers need not apply.

Any veteran general manager or personnel person with a ton of experience in the role is not going to be open to having to get committee approval and input for every single decision and this makes this position far less desirable to that sector of the candidate pool, even with the extreme accrual of young talent the team possesses.

I say they just bring Hinkie back and let him try and finish what he started, food for thought…

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