Thursday 17th January 2019,
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Knicks Leaning Toward Fizdale for Next Head Coach

Knicks Leaning Toward Fizdale for Next Head Coach


The New York Knicks have spoken to and interviewed everyone and their mother during their head coaching search this summer (seriously, ask your mom) and according to reports, may be zeroing in on former Memphis Grizzlies coach and Miami Heat assistant, David Fizdale.

Fizdale is well known and liked around the league by players and other coaches (except for Marc Gasol) and would be a solid hire for a Knicks team that has seemingly considered every coach under the sun.

This would be a completely different situation for Fizdale than his last head coaching gig where he was taking over the reins for an established veteran team in a smaller market, now he would take over for a young team in the midst of a rebuild in the bright lights of New York city.

He feels like a Knicks coach, the kind of guy who can win a press conference (you can take that for data) and would try to be the first coach in New York to have real success (save Mike Woodson for a season) since Jeff Van Gundy.

Let’s just hope he builds a good relationship with Kristaps Porzingis if he does get the job…

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