Monday 18th March 2019,
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Take That 76ers (and Cavs): Lakers Fan Unveils Billboard to Help Recruit LeBron James

Take That 76ers (and Cavs): Lakers Fan Unveils Billboard to Help Recruit LeBron James

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The race for LeBron James’ affections is getting heated.

Not to mention overrun with billboards.

First a Philadelphia-based company put up billboards in Ohio recruiting the four-time MVP on behalf of the 76ers. Now, a Lakers fan has done the same in Los Angeles, per’s Ohm Youngmisuk:

Jacob Emrani, a personal injury attorney and longtime Lakers season-ticket holder, is the latest to put up billboards with messages trying to sway James’ potential free-agent decision this summer.

Emrani says he has paid to put up four billboards around Los Angeles trying to recruit James to join the Lakers in free agency, in response to billboard battles in Cleveland and Pennsylvania trying to convince James to join the Sixers or remain with the Cavaliers.

Alright, peeps. Let’s make something clear: This is getting ridiculous. And cheesy. The slogan on this billboard is #LABron. Like, really? Can’t we come up with something more creative than that?

Here’s a look at the latest signboards:

Twitter, naturally, went off after seeing this. The best response by far came from NBA writer Sean Highkin:

Sounds abound right.

And yet, while we know these tactics are kind of pointless, we also know this won’t be the last billboard erected in the name of LeBron James. My only question is: Which fanbase will be next to strike?

Might the Houston Rockets try to join in on the fun? How about one of the teams in New York, the Nets or the Knicks? Could the Los Angeles Clippers possibly try to one-up their Staples Center cohabitants?

And hey! Here’s a novel concept: Will the Cavaliers’ fans try something similar, using their proximity and more frequent exposure to LeBron to their advantage? After all, it couldn’t hurt, right?

Not at all.

Frankly, though, it probably isn’t going to help either.

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