Saturday 24th October 2020,
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Draymond Green: Everybody Knows They Have No Chance Against Warriors

Draymond Green: Everybody Knows They Have No Chance Against Warriors

Draymond Green feels like this generation’s Charles Barkley with his sharp tongue and attitude, the only difference is his pension for kicking and punching other man’s private parts (and sending out pictures of his…).

A new season means a new batch of Draymond bravado and brashness as in-depth GQ profile with Clay Skipper unearthed some more quotable comments.

Here are some noteworthy excerpts from the piece:

“Ten days after beating the Cleveland Cavaliers to win his second NBA title, 27-year-old Draymond Green still has some shit to talk. He’s in the brick-walled New York offices of Maverick Carter, LeBron James’ longtime business partner, here to film a promo video for a celebrity soccer game in which he’ll coach a team opposite Drake.

“They didn’t stand a fucking chance,” he says of the Cavs, who lost in five games. “It pissed me off we didn’t sweep them, though.”

“It’s so funny sitting back and watching this shit,” he starts, before pausing to pull his phone out of his jeans, looking through the Golden State Warriors’ group chat. (The team has one, and the Hampton Five—Green, Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Andre Iguodala, and Kevin Durant, the five guys that were in the Hamptons in the summer of 2016 to recruit KD—has another.) He wants to relay something that Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey had said in an interview, reacting to the Warriors’ title. The team had texted it to each other: “They are not unbeatable. There have been bigger upsets in sports history. We are going to keep improving our roster. We are used to long odds. If Golden State makes the odds longer, we might up our risk profile and get even more aggressive. We have something up our sleeve.”

“On a roll now, he remembers the Warriors’ lone playoff loss, in Game 4 of the Finals, when the Cavs sank twenty-four three-pointers, an NBA Finals record.

“That’d never been done!” Green exclaims. “They don’t come out and hit twenty-four threes and they’re swept. And that’s the second best team in the world. It’s pretty fucking sick to see how everybody is just in a fucking panic about what to do. You sit back and think, like, these motherfuckers, they know. That’s the fun part about it: They know they don’t stand a chance.”

Green goes on to say that it is “hard as hell to win a championship” and he will forever be known as a champion.

Draymond is doing a lot of talking as he usually does, but he and his team likely will likely back it up yet again this season. A man can hope though.

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