Tuesday 19th June 2018,
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LeBron Shoots Down Rumor He is “100 percent leaving Cleveland” Immediately

LeBron Shoots Down Rumor He is “100 percent leaving Cleveland” Immediately


As we all know by now, Chris Sheridan of Sheridan Hoops reported Wednesday morning that the relationship between LeBron James and Cavaliers Owner Dan Gilbert is “beyond repair” and there is a “100 percent” chance he is leaving Cleveland next summer.

While it still may be true or close to true, and you can’t really blame LeBron completely if he does considering Gilbert’s rant and unprofessional letter when he left the first time and his unwillingness to pay to retain a very accomplished general manager in David Griffin this summer (he was ok with donating $750k to Donald Trump’s campaign though), LeBron did choose to speak up this time (indirectly) and quell any certainty of his impending departure.

Here are three things Cleveland.com Reporter Joe Vardon tweeted on Wednesday:

“For what it’s worth (damn it, I’m on vacation), three sources close to LeBron said this latest tweet about him is 100 percent false

I have more: three sources paid particular attention to LeBron’s relationship with ownership, and said LeBron does not view it that way

And finally, one of the sources close to LeBron said there is no NBA source who could speak on his behalf in the way it was reported”

This is all a bunch of he said, she said as the wheels seemingly continue to fall off in Cleveland. LeBron has a no-trad clause so there is a zero percent chance he is not suiting up for Cleveland this entire season, but the feeling remains the way it has been for some time, he is tired of playing for Dan Gilbert, he fulfilled his promise to Cleveland and he likely wants to end his career elsewhere at this point.

My guess, Philadelphia or Milwaukee.

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