Tuesday 17th July 2018,
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Rudy Gay Hits Fan in the Face with DeRozan’s Shoe

Rudy Gay Hits Fan in the Face with DeRozan’s Shoe

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The Kings-Raptors game in Sacramento Sunday night ended with a fair deal of controversy as the Kings pulled off the season sweep of the Raptors with a 102-99 victory after a Terrance Ross three-point shot, that would have tied it, was waved off when it shouldn’t have been.

Outside of all of the drama on the court, it was apparently a dangerous night to be in the stands as well. Courtesy of Rudy Gay, a poor, unassuming (you really should pay attention to the game) fan took a size 13 shoe to the face…

Gay noticed the errant shoe on the baseline mid-play and decided it was necessary to not only move it, which was a good call, but to fling it into the stands.

It was just the most bizarre part of a strange night in Sac town as the Kings were able to end their four-game losing streak with a victory over the Raptors.

I know Rudy Gay wants out of Sacramento and away from the Kings organization, but he doesn’t need to take it out on the fans… In all seriousness I’m sure Gay and DeRozan apologized for the incident after the game.

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