Friday 22nd June 2018,
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Mavericks to Sign 37 Year Old Mike James?

The NBA’s Development League kicked off its showcase week with a couple of match-ups earlier Monday. One of those games involved the Erie BayHawks.

37 year old NBA veteran Mike James had been one of the BayHawks’ bright spots in last year’s showcase when he received a call-up from the Chicago Bulls.

This year, it seems that James will have another shot at the NBA level. playing for the Texas Legends on Monday, James had a an impressive performance against the Idaho Stampede (11 points, 4 assists) before he got the call from the Mavericks. He is slated to sign a 10-day contract with Dallas.

At 37 years and change, James is one of the oldest players in the NBA. In fact, he’s perhaps the NBA’s oldest call-up ever.

For the Mavs, it seems like there’s no end to their desperation for any kind of positive production. The team is spiraling farther down the Western Conference rankings as games go by, with Dirk even publicly airing out his frustrations.

The team is left with a bunch of one year deals, a front court that has been very inconsistent, and a disgruntled superstar whose contract expiration isn’t quite in the distant future.

With that being said, it’s hard not to be happy for the former NBA star James:

“These young guys still haven’t shown me that I’m not good enough to play in the league,” James said. “When it gets to the point where the young guys can stop me consistently and there’s nothing I can do against them, then I’ll know it’s time. But they haven’t shown me that yet. The only thing that tells me age is my birthday.”


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