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adidas Basketball & Derrick Rose Official Announce The adidas Rose 3

September 17, 2012 – Ben Berry

With all the extra time off the court, the 2011 league MVP worked the closest he ever has on a signature sneaker of his.  The Rose 3 name might be deceiving to some of those not in the know because the adidas Rose 3 is actually the 5th signature sneaker for Derrick Rose; the Rose 773 not included.

Between the detailed Rose 3 pictures months early and debuting a special colorway inspired by another Chicago sports team, to compiling an analysis of all early specs the Rose 3 had to offer, its fair to say over here at The Hoop Doctors, we’re ‘All In’ with adidas and Derrick Rose.

The official press release reads like this:

“The D Rose signature collection continues our mission to work closely with Derrick to create the best performing products in the world that are built specifically for his electrifying style of play,” said Lawrence Norman, vice president, adidas global basketball. “Launching the new D Rose logo is a historic moment for our partnership. The premium and personal style and high performance elements of this collection represent the future of our product direction with Derrick Rose.”

The new D Rose logo features three petals that revolve around the letter “D” and number “1” in the center. The personal meaning behind the logo is twofold. First, each petal is unique and represents Rose’s fast, creative drives to the basket, which he honed with physical play on the courts of Murray Park in the Englewood neighborhood of Chicago. The logo also pays homage to his family – with mother Brenda in the center of the Rose and his three brothers Reggie, Allan and Dwayne as the petals – who guided him from that neighborhood to NBA superstardom.

The D Rose 3 is an all-new silhouette with synthetic and nubuck leather to deliver a clean and stylish off-court look. The oversized tongue has a reflective D Rose logo to illuminate and pop on and off the court. Chicago call-outs on the inside of the tongue portray the essence of Rose’s background, including an illustration of his family tree and the landmark of 73rd and Paulina in the Englewood neighborhood where he grew up. Each colorway of the D Rose 3 will feature special, personal graphics on the inside of the tongue, colors and materials to give fans details about his life.

adidas designers worked closely with Rose to develop a shoe molded specifically for his foot and style of play, which involves extreme changes in direction, acceleration and explosiveness. This personal fit ensures minimal foot movement and maximum efficiency, comfort and control to make one of the most agile and quick players in the league even faster and more elusive.

The upper features a diamond cut-out pattern providing a functional blend of breathability and support. The three stripes are again featured on the back of the shoe to represent Rose’s speed, and they now wrap around the outsole so opponents will see them not only when he drives past them, but also goes over them.

Preorders can be made HERE at the official adidas Basketball website.  The first two pairs of the adidas Rose 3 hit stores October 4th for $160 with more to drop later on.

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