Wednesday 24th January 2018,
The Hoop Doctors

20 Hottest NBA Wives and Girlfriends of All-time


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  • dru_down

    Kim Kardashian is a dog named Jacko

  • Jason Kidd has 2 on the list…lol

    • Anklesnap

      And lucky for him there are a few more that could have made it. Even Joumana Kidd was a candidate.

  • Campbell93

    jason kidd had 3..he used to date gabrielle union as he also dated toni braxton.

  • wow! Hot! Beauty VS. Beast.Who wins? hook up with local singles just on

  • A. M L

    Most of them lok or post like hustlers of the night. Some have been around the block a couple times…Kim K ( Damon Thoman, Nick Lachey, Reggie Bush, Gabriel Aubry) Please puit Fido on a leash and keep your eyes open

    • Jz

      You forgot miles Austin haha

  • JZ

    Should have put Sarah palin/glen rice just for lol

  • Malikblackwood

    hey look good today 

  • Danny from Ohio

    hoopz and flava flav

  • Danny from Ohio

    kim k is a whore and nothing more and those idiots passing around a whore like its nothing means they have all slept together wow kris humphries, reggie bush, stoudemire, kanye west, have all slept together.

  • Jake

    Carmen Elektra? She married Dennis Rodman

  • pacificfleets

    um, Tamia? how the fuq is La La and no Tamia? just google Glen Rice wife. classy couple, maybe that`s why.

    • pacificfleets

      jebus i meant Grant Hill

  • HP Coupons

    She is very hottest and very sexy girl. and looking in the picture also very dsexy and beautiful she married Dennis Rodman.

  • Mae Anderson! favrit!

  • Alfredcavis

    She is really hot. i like her look . she is also very sexy and beautiful.

  • TRUE_dat

    Two HOT women left off the list: Tyra Banks and Carmen Electra. Chris Webber dated Tyra (in her prime) and Carmen married Dennis Rodman (also in her prime)