Thursday 20th June 2019,
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Lin Moves Into Room at the W Hotel in NYC

A few weeks ago Jeremy Lin was living on his brother’s couch. During his rise to fame in the last couple weeks he moved off that couch and started renting David Lee’s old apartment. Well Lin this week decided he wanted to live a little closer to downtown. He also probably realized he can loosen up the purse strings a bit with some certainty of getting signed to a pretty sweet contract this summer by the NY Knicks. He’s currently playing on a $700,000 contract for one year which is the second lowest salary on the entire Knicks roster, but will be a millionaire in no time. Here is some info the New York Post had today about Lin’s new rented room at the ‘W’ Hotel that he moved into this week…

The two-bedroom W suite comes outfitted with $30,000 to $35,000 worth of Tui Lifestyle furniture.

Rents there range from $3,600 to $8,900 a month, according to The owner of Lin’s unit had put the two-bed, two-bath apartment up for sale for $2.315 million before renting it out.

Building amenities include a gym and preferred reservations, seating and in-residence dining at the hotel’s BLT bar. Residents also have access to a digital lounge with video games, a movie screening room, cafe, gym and rooftop terrace.

[Source NY Post]

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