Wednesday 21st February 2018,
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Chris Bosh’s New $12 Million House in Miami [PICS]

Miami Heat big man Chris Bosh at the end of last week finalized the purchase of a 12,000-square-foot home on North Bay Road in Miami Beach. The seven-bedroom, eight-bathroom mansion just south of La Gorce Island on North Bay Road sold for $12.5 million. The new construction features 20-foot ceilings, a gourmet kitchen, gym, elevator and an infinity pool with unobstructed views of Biscayne Bay.

After living in a modest condo in the cold winters of downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada can you really blame Bosh for signing with the Heat and landing in a place like this….

Waterfront View

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  • Leon

    All that white… how is he going to know where his coke is?!?!

    • Anklesnap

      @Leon, he gets that good blue shiz…lol

  • Bob

    $110M contract…he’ll probably keep half of that. Drops $12.5M on the house. Dumbass will be broke within 3 years of retirement.

    • Ebe

      @Bob, fool, no income taxes in florida, and he has other sources of income besides that contract

    • xman

      stop hating man

    • xman

      stop hating man

    • xman

      stop hating man

  • I actually wouldn’t wanna live there, looks sterile and uninviting.

  • BRAiN8

    Classic case of sports star gone broke.

  • T.D.

    To those of you whom are assuming that he will be broke in x amount of years… I would say you probably have a valid case – just not for him purchasing a home worth 12.5 million.

    Let us see, according to a 2007 estimate, the median income for a household in my city was roughly $130,000, and the median income for a family was right around $150,000. I live in one of the wealthiest suburbs in my area (home to many athletes in all major sports, musicians, authors, etc.). That said; guess how much the average family’s home is purchased for here?

    It is 830k. And remember, that is the median home price – the majority are well above that.

    So if the median income for a family who earns $150,000 were living in a million dollar home – would you say the same for them as you would Chris Bosh? I know couples (with family) that make fewer than six figures (we are talking just 50-75k tops – per year combined) whom live in 250k-300k homes – and that is with the dip in the market. Those same homes (average homes mind you) were 450k-500k just a few years ago… yet they made the same income. I did not hear anyone saying they would be broke. So why is it that a man whom just landed a 110 million dollar contract would [presumably] be broke by utilizing roughly the same percentage of his income as the aforementioned “average” persons?

    (And this is a new contract – we are not figuring in what he has already made and is worth)

    You also must factor into the equation that real estate is only going to increase in value at this point in time – so it is a wise investment – especially once the market picks back up. He will in all likelihood, make a nice profit from his purchase.

    I understand that most athletes are broke within so many years of retirement, but the above comments (although few) are ridiculous. Let someone insinuate that you will be broke after purchasing a 250k-350k home on 50k income. Got news for ya…

    That is mostly everyone presently – there is no more middle class.

    • kej

      He may have even done better than most. His uncle (my ex boyfriend) has a degree in architecture and is a construction manager who has done some really nice work. He may have given some assistance with his new home. Sounds like a smart guy to me!

  • Chris Corbett

    Geez…..wonder why Lebron left Cleveland? Seriously- have you been to Cleveland?

  • Dave Ramsey’s house is bigger but Chris Bosh’s looks much nicer.

  • Ebe


  • leericists

    cmon guys we talking about chris bosh a very very smart guy as far as money goes. chris almost saved all his money from his previous contracts in TORONTO. was living in a small condo. Chris is actually a cheap guy, and trust me the fact that his buying this house means his is set 4 life

  • Chasjonesjr

    Why all the HATE??  Give the brother a little luv!

  • Chis. you have it going on.I love you and the miami heat. Your house is out of sight.GOOD LUCK TO YOU AND YOURS.

  • Hi


  • Ant Jonesmusic

    I bet if he was white with this u would love it! but he’s a black man that has millions & millions of dollars”so u hate!! just be happy for da guy!