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Why Does Everybody Hate Kobe Bryant?

Hate Kobe Bryant Lakers

June 11, 2010 – Kevin Burke

Kobe Bryant is arguably the most talented player in the league. He is the best closer and the guy who seems to routinely make tougher shots than anyone else.  He is also the guy who is hated more than anybody: by both fans and other players across the league. But the burning question is why?

The most casual basketball fan will tell you that he / she doesn’t like Kobe Bryant, and they usually don’t even have a good reason why. In speaking to both casual and knowledgeable fans who are neither Lakers nor Celtics fans, I found that the majority of them are rooting for the Celtics in this 2010 Finals. When I ask why, the answer is no doubt, “because I can’t stand Kobe.” I’m sure you know a few like that as well. Maybe you’re even one yourself.

I first thought that this anti-Kobe sentiment surfaced when he was accused of rape in 2004. I thought that the general public believed that he was guilty and thought negatively of him as a result. I soon realized that wasn’t the case. I think that he was largely acquitted of any wrongdoing in the court of public opinion and most felt that he was innocent. So that wasn’t it. Maybe some of it set in when, in the wake of his rape case, he made insinuations that then teammate, Shaquille O’Neal, was in fact unfaithful to his wife as well. I can definitely understand the beef there. But that’s not the answer, because he was hated even before that.

Before that it was thought that he was trying too hard to be like Michael Jordan; which he most certainly was and still is. He walks like Mike. Talks like Mike. Points like Mike. He even chews gum like Mike. But plenty of guys have come through even before Kobe that wanted to be like Mike. I guess Kobe was just the best at resembling him. Basketball fans are protective over Michael Jordan, so maybe they didn’t want anybody infiltrating his persona. I don’t know.

He’s from Philly and when the Lakers visit the Sixers, the venom from the fans seems extra fierce. His hometown even appears to dislike him. Fans have the right to boo if they want, but why do players around the league dislike him? They respect him as a player, but it doesn’t seem like most guys actually like him. Just think. How many fights has Kobe been in in his career? Chris Childs comes to mind. Doug Christie comes to mind. Ray Allen comes to mind. All of these guys swung at Kobe first. Can you image multiple players swinging at Michael Jordan first? No, because they had too much respect for him. Kobe has never had that level of respect around the league.

I’ve heard that people don’t like Kobe because he’s too cocky. If that’s the reason that people don’t like him, that’s a ridiculous reason. Why shouldn’t he be cocky as arguably the best player in the league? Isn’t LeBron cocky? Isn’t Wade cocky? Yes and yes. But they also have every right to be.

I probably should have stated this at the top, but I am not a Lakers fan or a Kobe apologist. Not even close. What I am though, is perplexed as to why there is this widespread feeling about this guy.

**Update** – Due to the flurry of emails and responses to this post Kevin has written a follow-up post “Why Does Everyone Hate Kobe Bryant – Part 2”. Thanks for reading, and participating in the discussion…

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  • Kobe’s a sociopath. The only thing he cares about is winning. He’s never had a true friend on any Laker team (don’t believe the hype about him being ‘friends’ with Fisher- they’re teammates, not friends). He’s always been all about Kobe. It’s what makes him great but it’s also what makes him unlikeable. He also talks a lot of shit to opponents. I’m sure that doesn’t help.

    • tey


      just curious of your statement that “He also talks shit to opponents.”…..i think if that is your reason ..then you must not like any player…coz everyonethus that….you just don’t like Kobe……no offense

      • @tey: I’m actually a Laker fan so I love Kobe, psychosis and all. And yes, NBA players talk a lot. But every year, Kobe’s voted on of the league’s biggest trash talkers in SI’s player poll.

        • goofy

          @KneeJerkNBA, You dont know him as a person, so go ahead and judge him as a player, but cant judge him as a person…

        • @goofy You’re right. I can only go on what people that know him really well say about him in interviews and books. But the title of this article is ‘Why Does Everybody Hate Kobe Bryant?’ so his character is being discussed along with his talent.

    • nbafan7

      @KneeJerkNBA, Ok how can you not like like him? You’re saying you don’t like him because he only cares about winning? Umm isn’t that what the NBA is about? the goal is to win rings…and if kobe wants to do that, then he can. I’d want my star player to care about winning, i dunno bout you… Demanding high level of play and wanting to win makes him a better leader for his team. If that’s your reason for not liking him, then you’re retarded.
      And how can you say you believe kobe and fisher are friends???? They both said just the other day that they’re tight and shit. You cant say they’re not friends. im assuming you aren’t close with any of them and i doubt you’ve even met either of them. You’re believing whatever the media puts in front of you. Fact is, you don’t know anything about kobe’s or fisher’s life. so stfu with the “kobe has no true friend in the NBA” crap

      • @nbafan7 If you consider Phil Jackson’s book to be ‘whatever the media puts in front of me’ then yes, I am ‘retarded.’ Kobe’s a phenomenal player, one of the best ever, but I seriously doubt he’s a good person. The hotel clerk he had sex with probably agrees with me. GO LAKERS!!!

        • nbafan7

          @KneeJerkNBA, you’ve never MET kobe :| how can you say hes a bad person… you make no sense. And you said you dont like kobe because all he cares about is winning… if i highly doubt phil jackson said he doesnt like kobe because kobe wants to win LOOOOL and the kobe has no true friend comment is bs too. first of all, he plays a sport, hes an athlee, so why is his personal life even being brought up? let’s say he doesnt have any friends in the nba. WHO CARESSS??? hes still considered the best in the nba by many people. Him having a truew friend or not in the nba should not affect whether or not you like him or not. hes an athlete, so jusdhe him by what he does on the court.

        • TheMan

          @nbafan7, You are an idiot, I agree with KneeJerkNBA

        • nbafan7

          @TheMan, no you are the idiot. HATER.

    • TruKobeLAfan

      How do you think Michael Jordan was maybe you should read up on him in his book? Jordan rules and then you would realizes the tru hype behind the greatest player.

      • @TruKobeLAfan If your point is that Kobe is as good as Jordan, you’re wrong. I’ll agree that they’re both egomaniacs who will stop at nothing to get what they want, though. They share that quality. Ruthless assassins. Cold blooded killers. And many more cliches that sportswriters use.

    • @KneeJerkNBA, so talking a lot of shit/being the biggest trash talker is one of the reasons why he’s hated? Guess you never seen a guy by the name of Michael “Air” Jordan play before.

      • @Carl J Jordan, like Kobe, was the most hated and most loved simultaneously. If you only remember MJ as being adored, you either weren’t there or didn’t pay attention.

        • @KneeJerkNBA, I don’t remember Jordan ever being hated or disliked as much as Kobe, unless you were a fan of one of the teams that he killed during the playoffs (Knicks, Utah, Cavs, ….) or lit up

        • @Carl J, MJ punched his own teammate. He cheated on his wife. He had a gambling problem. And, as you pointed out, he talked more shit than anyone in league history.

          Here’s a fun exercise: google ‘hate Michael Jordan’ and you get 10 million hits. Kobe only gets 1.5 mil. Steve Nash- 340k.

    • Bryannaa Fudgee


      youu all aree nothingg but a kobee haterr ;
      kobee doesn ‘ t only caree about winningg and if hee did ; why should it bee a bigg problemm ; he is thee only onee leadingg his teamm and bringingg themm somewheree ; unlikee other playerss , he actually uses his teammates; you don’t havee to havee a qood friendd that playss on yourr teamm ; if its suchh a big deal about kobee thenn why isn’t it about lebronn ?? lebronn onlyy caress about winningg andd hes a onee man teamm ; youu all thinkk lebronn is great and he is not , he is okayy ! youu cann talk shit about kobee whenn LeBron actually winss thee finalss andd qetss a rinqq !

      • @Bryannaa Fudgee, You might wanna clean your keypad. Your letters are sticking. Not a Kobe hater, btw. Huge fan of his game. Not so much his persona. I don’t think LBJ’s a psycho like Kobe and MJ but he’s an arrogant narcissist as well. Amazing player, though.

        • Bryannaa Fudgee

          @KneeJerkNBA, i feel youuu;

  • ish

    what i really think it is, is that many people think is a very individual. maybe to damn lucky. he got a few years to get his game right playing in shaq’s shadow, then benefitted even more from that once he got his game tight. then he gets a great coach and organization that keeps spoon feeding him. just when u thought he was out on his ass, david stern, i, er, mean the Grizzlies give his team Pau gasol for nothing. wtf? who else in the league has had such great luck? so i think thats why people cant stand him, because he has never really truly had to do much by himself but gets a lot of credit. something to think about

    • dave

      @ish, i totally agree. nice job.

      • creedo

        @dave, shaq spent 4 season with lakers without ring. he only got one when kobe had been around. check history man, shaq is nothing until kobe arrives.

        • ish

          @creedo, yeah but i do remember them both getting swept in the playoffs and Kobe couldnt throw a rock in the Pacific Ocean. Shaq was that security blanket which allowed Kobe the room to try out new things and work on others. whereas if he came in the league and had to carry a team from the jump, i really dont theink we would be having this conversation. even when he got it together, he still couldnt carry a team without crucifying somebody on the team. its amazing how he got in trouble and the first thing he does is start ratting out other players. so there really so many things that u can hate this guy for. but hey i cant get mad because someone likes him, thats their opinion an they are entitled to it. im not attacking the guy the way everyone atacks AI, per say, based on personal feelings and opinions. i like to read up on the player and situations and then see them in interviews, how they respond and their body language. u can really tell alot about some of these guys just by that alone.

  • Dasher

    The reason everyone hates Kobe is because you “media” people shoved him down our throats every single season!!! Just like you guys are doing with Lebron…you think Lebron is well liked? Think again, everyone is so sick of him especially this year with everyone (media) wondering where he’s going to go. pffftttt who cares other than the people in Cleveland.

    So you answered your own question by writing this article.

    • bonuntr

      @Dasher, ….No truer words were ever spoken ! The media singles out players to make their “darlings”, and we have to deal with it. David Stern and crew will always make sure the “superstars” get the calls, stay in the games, and keep on selling NBA gear to the masses. Right on Dasher!

    • The Augustus


      Thank you so much Dasher! That is exactly it! I was quite amused by the author of this article. Kevin Burke, it is almost as if you are trying to philosophize (“Hmm….Ah….I wonder…Ooo…Potentially yes!”) I could almost see you sitting under a tree sipping a cold drink as the summer approaches debating why people hate Kobe Bryant, the question which absorbs so many people on a daily basis (wink). Yet you never come to a true conclusion. You begin with a question and end with it. Is the answer really so difficult? Couldn’t it simply be that basketball fans are tired of Kobe Kobe Kobe? I almost feel bad for Kobe surprisingly; he’s no longer the NBA’s golden boy! It’s ok-even someone more egotistical and foolish is claiming the honor (cough*Lebron*cough).

      Similar to most of the American society, the NBA invests in individuals. This works up to a point. What happens when these individuals lose their greatness/heroism/honor/integrity? One has to move onto the next person I suppose. However it is rather sad that the NBA finds these great basketball players who lack morality, humility, decency, and honor of any sort. I’m comforted by the fact that I’ve never bought ANYTHING Kobe/Laker or Lebron/Cleveland-related and I never will.

      • @The Augustus I agree with your take on American focus on individuals, btw. Don’t agree that an athlete needs to set moral standards.

    • The media? The media didn’t win 4 rings, an MVP, score 81 in a game, get drafted out of HS, etc. Kobe’s earned the attention he’s getting. Do you blame the media for paying too much attention to Tom Brady or Brett Favre?

      • gottaargue

        @KneeJerkNBA, I’m not who you are originally replying to, but yes! Of course! Do you think people would be so sick of Brett Favre if “Favre Watch” wasn’t shoved down our throats every offseason? The media can make a player who was generally liked (or so it seems, I could be wrong..) wear fans out because of constant attention. If journalists hadn’t camped at Favre’s house and shared info about every time he took his dog out to poop maybe we all wouldn’t be so sick of it. I do firmly believe that the media can absolutely wear just about anything out to the point of fans changing loyalties. Maybe you question who the true fans really are, but come on, everyone gets sick of the same guy being on SportsCenter every time you turn on the TV.

        Kobe/Favre/Brady/whatever. All the same.

  • tey

    it’s because they are jealous!……….envy…..! if you like basketball, watch him play that’s all……..then you will enjoy…….be open minded!!!!!! if you will like all the best player of each team…you will have a good time all season!!!!!!! till the finals…..

  • Ryan B.

    I hate Kobe because he’s the Pariah of the NBA and the biggest Prima Donna. He BAWLS when he doesn’t get his way, threatens his BOSS for a trade if he’s not happy, and he has slept with more humans than Ron Jeremy, and -acquitted or not- a good husband/father doesn’t need to sleep around. He’s obviously loaded enough that he can put his Family up in the nicest Hotel in any city they play in. His overall lack of leadership in his ME FIRST attitude gets so exhausting every time he opens his mouth. I hate him as a player, but most importantly because of his character. He’s just a morally bankrupt individual, that thinks his $ and titles validate him.

    • zemolp

      @Ryan B., whodapak cares about what you think!

    • jiim

      @Ryan B., You got it right Ryan – Kobe loves Kobe so much, no one else needs to or wants to… People aren’t drawn to selfish narcissism, and Kobe those traits define him…

  • really great article. i personally do hear lots of people say they hate kobe, & I live in L.A. Not sure the hell why they’re idiots, but that’s they’re prob. Kobe is awesome baby! I think U may have hit it when u noted that people hate him because he is the best at trying 2b like Mike. I think people are protective of Mike & his records. But that’s life! U can’t hate a man cus he puts in the work to be better than all the rest. U can’t hate a man cus he immulates the man who was the best. that’s how u be the best by learning from the best. that just means kobe has the most respect for Mike than anyone else. He will be known as better than MIke b4 it’s over. He will get more rings. I love Mike so don’t get me wrong, but Kobe’s my man. Jordan was my older cousins dude. He got all the posters, shoes & etc… To all the people who hate Kobe & don’t even know him personally I say, stop hating just to hate. Stop hating just because u hear other people hate. It does’nt make u independent or different. it makes u a stupid follower like an animal in a heard. ‘Remember Our Love’

    • The Augustus

      @David King,

      Trust me. There are plenty of LEGITIMATE reasons for hating Kobe Bryant. I would start first with his character and work my way up the list…

      • zemolp

        @The Augustus, just watch the game, play the game, love the game–no need to personalize…the media is just to make a living writing things, even bad things, about Kobe. We don’t need to patronize what they write about character or whatever. Clinton did the same bad thing, but sure you will agree with me that he is still one of the best president of the past few decades. So does Kobe as one of the best basketball player!

        He is not the most hated, maybe in the NBA or in US–but there are millions of Chinese who would disagree with any of that. Not to mention he got the most sales of jerseys. There must something wrong with people’s math!

        This article is hypocritical and so are the people who agrees with it.

        • The Augustus


          Fair enough. You have a right to your opinion as I do mine. I just prefer basketball players who bring character to the game as well (personal preference). I appreciate players like David Robinson, Alonzo Mourning, Magic Johnson, Steve Nash and countless others who take time caring for the community and thinking about individuals other than themselves. I prefer humility over hubris.

          However humility doesn’t usually sell nowadays and that’s a choice our society has made, regrettably. Hence we idolize players like Kobe Bryant and presidents like Clinton and Bush who reward us with scandals and intrigue.

          Goodbye to honor and integrity!!!! Not many others will but I will miss you both!!

  • Well I am a crazy NBA fan – one that can’t walk away even if I can’t stand officiating and all the other Stern hands on ruling the NBA- and I can’t stand Kobe because he has shown on several ocations, even on national TV, that his team mates, coaches and other people in general are just stepping stones, nothing else.
    Remember his comments about Bynum? Remeber how even as a rookie he disrespected teammates?
    Even in this finals after comiting a turnover he came and put the blame on Brown.
    He cries, he whines, he makes faces like any other prima donna that has ever lived.
    And the worst about him is simply the fact that the media has tryied to make him a legend, the best player ever to wear a Laker uniform. Forget about Magic , about the all team leader in points scored, this guy is a hell of a player that has been given everything he has asked for so that the NBA can get a marquee player, can’t wait for him to retire.

    • @Diego G, wow dude, such hurtful comments. Don’t know how substantiated or not they are though. I would’nt say i’ve followed every moment of Kobe’s career, but I’m surely a huge fan & watch enough I guess. But I haven’t noticed any of this negativities from Kobe as you say, but again like I say, I have’nt followed his entire career game for game. I think I’ve been aboard almost game for game for the past maybe 3 years. I’m not going to call it either way, but I know I love who he is now & for the past basic 3 years. I’m on the kobe train for the long haul. Knowone is perfect & those that are aren’t close to as good, so hey, give the guy a break & trade some personality flaws, if neccessary, for his successful competitive drive in surpassing Michael Jordan. & trust me, he will enventually! He’ll play till about 40 & on a high level mentally & physically. Athletes always get stronger over the decades with new technology & smarter since they have those before them to learn from. & remember Jordan won his last Championship at 35 of which was a 3pt., so I think you better count Kobe in for more than a few more titles till 37/ 38yrs. old. & Kobe will go out at 40 & at a much higher level than Jordan. Remember Kobe is the son of a great basketball player. You can’t beat that early starting level of experience. like I said, i.e. Michael Jackson (recording artist at about 8yrs. old), Stevie Wonder (solo recording artist at 13yrs. old), Tiger Woods (starting at 3yrs. old.). It’s in their DNA by now. It’s their birthright or something. They know the NBA & basketball like they know breathing. It’s just natural for them.

  • P.S. I’d like to try out for the Lakers. Someone please make that happen. I’m not sure how to go about that. I love practice & working out!
    I hear talks about LeBron resigning with Cleveland for 3yrs. I can see that just to maximise & anchor his money & contracts for the remainder of his career. If that be the case, I can see him bringing 1 or 2 championships to Ohio for sure. & they all deserve it, specially if they treat Lebron right, which of course they will unless they’re insane. During this 3yr. period Kobe will take 1 of the 3 rings. Listen, I think i’m prophesizing here. Kobe is going to win this year against Boston. Kobe will win next year against Cleveland. Why, largely because of Phil Jackson. Listen, Phil is a 3ptr. by nature! As a coach all of his championships have came by 3peats. By repetition it’s in his psyce now, even if only subconciously & not by admittance. Therefore it’s in the cards for kobe to win 2 more times with Phil which will tie him with Jordan. I don’t think Kobe will win more than 2 more with Phil although. It’s not Phil’s job to take Kobe beyond Jordan & I don’t think Phil wants to. I don’t think it’s neccessary for Phil to do it either. I don’t think Phil believes Kobe is better, will or can be better than Jordan. & maybe it’s not so much as that as is Phil just doesnt want to be in a position to choose or put anyone over Jordan. Let the game dictate. Let the rings dictate. It’s not Phil’s job to deem or designate anyone the next Jordan, the next world’s best or whatever. But if LeBron stays in Cleveland Phil will stay in L.A. for now & win 2 more, including this one over Boston, with Kobe! This means he will at least help Kobe to Jordan status. That’s all is expected of Phil. I think what will happen is, next year Kobe will beat Cavs & LeBron in the finals. You have to realize Kobe’s not chasing LeBron. He’s chasing Jordan! LeBron will win 2 out of 3 with Coach Tom T., concreating & solidifying his NBA coaching career & bringing Ohio in the forefront of the game & US. LeBron will then move on to somewhere else & probably be coached by Phil Jackson for @ least 3yrs. & will surely 3pt. & then 1 yr. off & 3pt. again. Then Phil will be done. Again you have to realize that’s how Phil’s been doing it. 2 3pts. w/ Jordan, 2 3pts. w/ Kobe, & finally 2 3pts. w/ The King! This is a prophecy for sure! I’m telling you this is how it’s going down! But then again, if not a 3pt., it’ll probably be a 4pt. or 5pt. w/ The King, which solidifies a dynasty. It surely won’t be less than a 3pt. It’s Phil Jackson were talking about. If you have’nt figured it out yet you will after he wins 2 more with Kobe! I just hope Phil doesn’t leave early in order to coach LeBron. That would surely put a damper on the Kobe 2nd. 3pt. It won’t take Kobe away from getting at least 7 rings to past Jordan, because as the case w/ Shaq Kobe’s proven that he’s gonna get it w/ or w/ out you. But as in the same case w/ Shaq it’s proven that it could surely delay it. Other than that, were talking about Phil Jackson here, the Jordan & Shaq/ Kobe 3ptr. You take away Phil you take away a major part in the 3ptg. success of those guys. I just heard this recently if correct, but Jordan didn’t even get a championship until Phil came into the picture. Don’t play the coaches short. Until Cavs make LeBron the Coach/ GM, it takes a great coach to bring all that talent together, coincide, operate & function in a winning manner. I’ll tell you like this though, after Cavs win 2 with coach T.T. they’ll bring in Phil, of which they’ll have to to keep LeBron.They’ll already have another piece in place as far as a major big like Bosh, Wade. Who won’t be in line to coach the Cavs in that situation. It’ll be a line around the corner like a Jay Z concert. But Chicago could pull Phil & James after the 3yr. Contract with Cavs. Phil has a winning anchorage in Chicago obviously w/ Jordan & 6 rings. James will have the anchorage of 2 championships w/ the Cavs & some MVPs. With that said, they both will have plenty of their own anchorage/ winning clout that they could team up anywhere & not be bullied or affected by management, ownership or fans influencing management & ownership. In fact, together somewhere besides Ohio & Chicago they’ll have the most influence/ power. But Clevand where James will be majorly anchored in 3yrs. or Chicago where Phil is majorly anchored would be 2 of the most powerful places for them to team up as far everything involved past & present linking together in alliance towards future championships.
    Finally, let’s not forget about Kobe who will surely past Jordan & at least get the coveted #7 ring. He’ll have to do it without Phil though. He’ll probably do it with Mike Kresekasysjkl; (whatever). I can see him getting 2 with Mike. Then the Lakers will be in a team longterm coach rebuilding process, if you will, with Brian Shaw who will take over after Mike & be great & have a long & sucessful career with the Lakers. Kobe will probably start Brian off with a couple rings to cement his coaching sucess & long term with lakers & then someone else will take over after Kobe: probably Andrew (the new Shaq) (ya’ll sleepn on Drew i’m telling U). & someone new will join to help Andrew, but he will be the man. Jordan Farmar will probably be second in command. Kobe will get #7 & be considered equal or better to Jordan. Whether or not he gets 1 or 2 more after that to definately put him past any & all doubts of him being the best ever will be up to him & his personal defining will. I think it’s possible. He won’t neccessarily need it. But to put all doubts & opinions to rest as ‘best ever’ he’ll probably need to have at least 2 more than Jordan. I’m not sure you can get just 1 more than Jordan & take over as the ‘best ever’. Were talking about Michael Jordan here! I think Kobe will take at least 2 more over Jordan. Listen you have to realize that Kobe is a kid prodigy of the game of basketball unlike Jordan who didn’t make it on his highschool freshman team if I got the facts correct. This is really a birth right for Kobe. It’s like a King’s song or a Pastor’s kid. When they’re in the forefront of the top of the game basically from birth or childhood they know & develope an instinct & knowledge of the profession that late comers never have or get. i.e. Michael Jackson who started records at 8 yrs. old I think. You can’t manufacture that experience in a lap or anywhere else. The instincts, the love, the experience is incomparable. i.e. Tiger Woods, golfing at 3yrs. old. Hole in one at 8yrs. old or something I think. You can’t beat it with a stick! Kobe’s just the heir to Michael & that’s how it is! There’s nothing you or anyone can do about it! The rest of the league is just lucky Shaq left which took away some of the rings. Otherwise, like AT&T the NBA would probably be a very boring Laker sided monopoly for a decade or 2 & The King would have his hands full trying to get 1 or 2 titles much less multiple like he deserves & will get now unless he joined what he couldn’t beat! All I know is that i’m telling ya’ll this is a prophecy & ya’ll make sure you give me my credit for everything i’ve said when it all comes true. Remember this post!

    • Doug

      @David King,

      “Remember this post!”

      Pare it down to four or five sentences and maybe someone will read it.

      • gooofy

        @Doug, YES DOUG, i didnt even read his little essay

    • The Augustus

      @David King,

      HA! Don’t count your eggs until they’re in the basket. The Lakers might be good but they’re not great. They have so many weaknesses. Their bench is phenomenally HORRIBLE. Odom is truly the only real good bench player and he is inconsistent. The truth strength of the Lakers lies in Kobe and Gasol. If they can be contained or hampered, which is difficult but nonetheless possible, then the Lakers can easily be dethroned.

      At first glance the Lakers seem like a strong team; their offense can be very overwhelming. Nonetheless one must take it to them and if you push enough, you will eventually break through. That’s why the Celtics won in 2008; that’s why the Rockets took it 7 games in 2009; that’s why the Nuggets came SO CLOSE to beating them; that’s why Orlando was a layup or shot away from taking the series. Last night’s Game 4 is an excellent example of THREE of the Lakers’ weaknesses: a weak bench, lack of toughness, and lack of balanced scoring.

      L.A.’s bench combined for 18 points compared to Boston’s 36. Ouch!

      The Lakers were out-rebounded and out-hustled. The final rebound tally was 41-34 in favor of Boston.

      As for balanced scoring, six Celtic players scored in double figures compared to a dismal three for L.A. In addition to that, the three players for L.A. not only failed to score enough points to carry the team to victory, they had to pay for a losing effort with huge minutes. Compare Kobe’s 43 minutes to Pierce’s 36; compare Gasol’s stressful 44 minutes to Garnett’s 26 (SWEET JESUS THAT’S A BIG DIFFERENCE!).

      Undoubtedly a Laker fan will just spout crap over the Internet: “BAHHHHHH!! KOBE!!!!!!! HE IS GOD!!!!!!!!!! RAWR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE WILL KILL U BIOTCHES!!!!!!!!!! HE’S BETTER THAN MJ!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!”, or some similar butchering of the English language and lack of basketball IQ. Kobe is getting older. He’s shown it throughout the season. No person is above mortality and with these heavy minutes, especially against a defensively-minded Celtics team more willing to pound a team into the dust than to shake hands with them, will be tough. Perhaps the Lakers will win but it won’t be easy. I DOUBT however that they will repeat as champions 5-6 times in a row. That’s absolutely absurd. Too many weaknesses and as Kobe gets older, life will get harder.

    • etrofllenrod

      @David King,

      this is part of why i cant stand kobe….his cockriders try to find every possible unbelievable way to put him above jordan but dnt acknowledge facts
      6finals mvps, 6titles, never lost in the finals, highest playoff scoring avg, most points scored in the playoffs, always was the #1 option his whole career i’ll stop there cuz i can keep on goin on reasons why kobe will never b better than jordan……kobe is a great player in his own right no doubt but to sit there and make it seem like he’s better than jordan is STOOPID….numbers dnt lie!! do your reseach homie bfor u spew nonsense cuz ur man crush on kobe……if titles alone made players than jordan than i guess robert horry is the GOAT right???
      jordan has done it all mvps, countless amounts of playoff game winning shots(not like kobe i.e derreck fisher&horry), back2back dunk titiles, defensive player of the year, steals leader, blockshot leader, highest reg season scoring avg, etc AND ALL THIS WITHOUT A DOMINANT BIGMAN……u need to calm down wit the better than jordan talk….men lie women lie numbers dnt!!!
      and on top of it all jordan shot a higer fg% in his career than kobe has so kills the nonsense bout kobe bein a better”pure”shooter than jordan……these kids i swear

  • FreezeLion

    I think we can all at least respect Kobe’s level of talent, but the main reason we are disgusted by him is that his arrogance is unfounded. The first 3 championships Kobe needed Shaq, just as much as Shaq needed him. And then when Kobe had the team all to himself, he struggled mightily. Derek Fisher bolted out of Utah and Phil Jackson had to come out of retirement to bail him out, and then he was gift-wrapped Gasol. All of a sudden he wins a title, ends up back in the finals, and now people are comparing him to MJ? Please! Make no mistake–even though Jordan had Pippen, he had nowhere near the talent level that Kobe has. Jordan did so much more with less and that makes him a better player. Most “Kobe haters” just want the media and most Laker fans to acknowledge that point.

  • No one can deny Kobe’s phisicall atributes, plus his toughness or his desire to win. But the article is about why he is so easy to hate at. And again when you put winning games and titles is more important that people, well prepare to be disliked. Remember Jordan wasn’t exactly loved by everybody – The Jordan rules, book-. I think the perception of Jodarn changed when he showed his human side. His crying hugging the throppy after his dad passing, I think that just won over people that didn’t liked him for beeing too competitive and pushy, etc.
    This is just an opinion obviously and if he (Kobe) works hard and he is part of a great organization, then he wins 10 rings, that’s life. Cold hearted blood sucking , rich business people do get a taste of success too.

    • @Diego G, Let me skip to the ’10 rings’ part. That’s the 2nd. time i’ve heard of that about the Lakers. The 1st. was from Lamar during his resigning phase with the lakers this year when he made an out of this world/ out on a limb statement that he thought this group of Lakers had ‘an opportunity to win 6 to 10 in a row’. the 2nd. is from you. & I’ll tell you what if anyone has the opportunity & ability to win more championships than bill russell (11) it’s Kobe who like I said, was bascially born into the NBA by an NBA player. This might be Kobe’s ending Legacy with the NBA to have more rings than Russell. His current assured destiny being that of surpassing Michael Jordan of which will be accomplished in 3 years, not counting this year.

  • @The Augustus: It was actually a warm drink. I’m trying to fight off a cold.

  • Hi david

    10 rings…..that was just an expresion….remember a team needs health and luck besides talent and CHEMISTRY.

  • I think people hate Kobe because he comes across as being “too cool”. He doesn’t smile much (smiling’s not cool), he doesn’t joke much (not cool), the look on his face is always “too cool”, the way he talks even sounds “too cool”, with kindof a fake deep voice that’s overly smooth. He may be the nicest guy in the world, but he comes across as having an inflated opinion of himself that wreaks of arrogance.
    Then he consistently makes the most incredible, clutch shots in the history of basketball – and he does this every single game he plays in! – and that makes you want him to go down that much more.
    But at some point, your jaw just has to drop in utter amazement at how good he is, even if he is “too cool”.

  • Sal

    Christ was hated by his contemporaries!

  • Marinekn123

    I am sure people would hate almost every NBA player if they got the media attention that Kobe got. After all these guys aren’t humanitarians and where do you think some would be if they couldn’t play basketball?

  • Joey D

    All u ppl please get off kobe’s nuts it’s pathetic. starting to sound like ur ready to suck his d*#%

  • marc erickson

    she sucks. get after it. that’s all that matters.

  • Triune

    @Ryan B., Okay enough is enough. Your comment is filled with so much bulshit that I had to respond. You must be the only person in the world to watch basketball to learn life principals and moral standards. As basketball fans, we watch basketball to cheer our cities team on, to watch spectacular passes, shots, dunks, execution, coaching, last minute plays, etc….. What happens in any players personal life is his business. This holier than thow attitude that you have is the real problem. Kobe made mistakes and God willing he’s worked those things out but those mistakes aren’t should never be put on trial in your court of opinion. Not to mention that there’s a 1 in a million chance that you actually know Kobe perosnally. My advice to you is judge a kittle less and watch professional sports for what they’re meant for, sports, not soap opera drama. Good night.

  • bob

    people just hate his attitude. deep down inside everyone respects kobe and knows that he is the best player in the nba right now, they just don’t like to admit it.

  • dalivision

    When Kobe first got the MVP I stated that he will never again get another. The writers who vote don’t like him. Players don’t like him. Many fans don’t like him. But when other players get on the same team such as the Olympic team, they are awed at the amount of preparation that he goes through. The practice sessions the hard work is unbelievable and admired. Only after seeing this do the players who once hated him have respect such as Lebron and Carmelo.

    Getting back to the issue is, no one can stand his personality!!! Character may be part of that but players on the court can tell you that they cannot get to his head while playing. He is so focused that trash talk does not work with Kobe (look what happened with Chris Rock taking to him and Kobe not paying any attention).

    I too do not like Kobe (personality) but will acknowledge that he is the best player and should have been vote MVP many times over but that will never happen.

  • It’s easy to hate Kobe, I even made a list.

  • Neal

    This article presents no actual evidence, not even anecdotal, that many people hate Kobe Bryant. He remains one of the most popular and recognized professional basketball players in the world. His jersey is this year’s number one seller. To write an article like this, you MUST have SOME substance. Pick any good player off any NBA team, and you can find some haters. Kobe isn’t any different. What’s different about Kobe is that you will be unable to find many people who won’t say he’s the best or second-best (if you’re a hard-core Lebron fan) playing professional basketball today. If you love the game, you can’t hate the player.
    Take this from a long-time Celtics fan who HATES to see the Lakers win.

  • Andrew

    Why does everybody hate Kobe? Did the columnist not forget the man was charged with rape WHILE he was married? He may be one of the most talented men to ever enter this sport but don’t be surprised that the people don’t think highly of someone like Kobe.

  • Saar

    Kobe is an amazing player even the haters have to admit it. I dislike Kobe fans WAY more than I actually dislike Kobe, but this one trait about Kobe is where most of my animosity comes from.

    Most important: Win the game
    Second most important: Show you are the best player in the league.

    Most important: Show that you are the best player in the league
    Second most important: Oh and try to win the game too.

    Kobe has consistently shown that “being the man” is the most important thing goal he has in every game. Showing time and time again that he is willing to shoot his team right out of game to achieve this.

  • Brian

    Why do I hate him? Let’s start with his nickname, WHICH HE GAVE TO HIMSELF. That alone nets you admission to the douchebag hall of fame. Did Jordan call himself ‘Air’, or was that title a naturally and perfect fit given to him by others? ‘Dr. J’, Wilt ‘the Stilt’, ‘Magic’ Johnson, ‘the Dream’, etc. etc. That’s the first reason.

    Second, is there a guy more interested in wanting HIMSELF to look good winning over his teammates? I’ve never seen a player in any sport who is so self-absorbed in being the one to win the game, and admonishing his teammates for daring to do it. In this year’s postseason I saw glares from him when Gasol and Ron Ron put back his shots that missed to win games, instead of being elated at the win, he’s staring them down. WTF?

    Third, has any all time great player quit (repeatedly) on his team like Kobe has? 2004 finals against Detroit, LA is held to a record low 68 points in a 20 point loss in game 3, and Kobe shoots 38% for the series. 2008 against the hated Celtics, Kobe supposedly a big fan of the history of the NBA and knows how doubly a Finals appearance AND versus the Celtics, goes out, lays ANOTHER egg, and allows his team to be pistol whipped by 39 points and shoots 31% for the game. Tell me any other all-time great player who allowed his teams to be beaten in this manner. Tell me when Jordan (the player Kobephiles claim he is as good as) allowed his team to be HUMILIATED in such a manner, let alone twice! Tell me a stretch of three seasons (2004-2007) when Kobe’s lakers won 34, 45, and 42 games, in what should have been three HUGE years (ages 26-28)? Jordan at the same age won 55, 61, and 67 games!

    There are SO many reasons to hate this fake, phony, lying, quitter of a player I’ve only scratched the surface with my post. If you’re not a Laker fan, how you could possibly root for this guy is beyond me. He quits on his team (repeatedly).

    Shall I go on?

    • jiim

      Well said…

  • nic

    great player, id say better than jordan. as a person, i cant say. i deal with some sport celebs with my job and most are mean, michael jordan especially. i have never met a celeb that seems to go out of his way to be rude and insulting to the people around him.

    • jiim

      I have a friend who served Michael Jordan once in his hotel room in Florida – lots of girls, booze, rude, and did not tip…

  • Truth

    The reason why Kobe Bryant is hated:

    He’s fake.


    Even I don’t like him but I can respect the fact that he’s an outstanding Basketball player.

    No way he’s better than Jordan.

  • Joe

    basketball sucks either way so why give this guy any respect anyways?

  • jiim

    People hate Kobe because Kobe loves Kobe so much, no one else needs to or wants to… People aren’t drawn to selfish narcissism, and for Kobe, those traits define him…

  • Otto

    Magic Johnson, not the best player in NBA history, but definitely top five all-time. He was during his time with the Lakers the best in the league. Confident in his abilities on the court. He knew that if there was something needed to get the game won he could do it. He knew it, his teammates knew it, his opponents knew it, the fans knew it, and he damn near every time, just like Kobe, he took over the game and came through. He was emotional and played his heart out just like Kobe does. There’s a fine line between confidence and cockiness, and its very few people that know where that line is and they cross it. Is Kobe talented? Hell yes he is. Could he be the greatest in history he’s definitely got a chance to be. Magic could’ve been just like Kobe. When he came in to the league he was cocky and arrogant but he was put in place by his coach and teammates. Why is Kobe hated? Its not because of his ability or his problems off the court its because of his arrogance and cockiness. Wilt Chamberlain also had that cockiness and arrogance and though he was one of the best players he is not loved by the fans.Maybe going to compare him to Ty Cobb is a stretch. Yes I know that he was a racist and a real s.o.b. but he was also arrogant and I’m sure that his arrogance was a big part of it. Babe Ruth is revered and liked but not loved. Lou Gehrig one of baseball’s greatest; he was loved and I believe that his early retirement and illness had anything to do with it he was loved well before that. Reggie Jackson, jeez, who didn’t hate the guy. He was freakin’ awesome! Mr. October. But i don’t think that he ever got a cold because not even viruses wanted to be close to him! Yes, I’m a Yankees fan in case you couldn’t tell.
    So why is Kobe hated? Arrogance and cockiness. His ability gives him the right. Talent gives him the right. He can be cocky or he can be confident its his choice. Not everyone hates Kobe he’s got lots of fans worldwide. They choose to see past the arrogance and that’s fine it’s their choice, just as it is my choice not to see past it. I may be wrong in equating his character to his pride and arrogance and cockiness but its a matter of choice and I choose to dislike him for that reason Others may have different reasons, but I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one that sees it this way. That’s my 2 cents.

  • Ray Washington

    First of all, I totally agree he is the best player in the league. I even think he is better than Jordan, as he is more (i.e. 3-pt shot shooting which Jordan never had) .

    But on the flip-side, here is in my opinion, my reason of dislikinghim. Plain arrogance and self-centeredness, Remember during last year’s championship parade where all the Lakers players wore their championship inspired shirt.?Everyone was wearing gray, he chose to wear black. Yes, I know he’s the super star of the team, and all. But come on, show some sense of humility and team spirit. How can you inspire your unity if you choose to relegate your teammates to a lower stature than yourself?

    And the other thing was this thing with changing his jersey number to #24. Purportedly so he can be one better than Jordan’s (i.e. #23). I may be stretching this a bit and it may all be hearsay. If yes, I take it back. But yah, this one did kind of struck me as trying too hard to say he’s better than Jordan.

    Kobe is great, hell I’m pretty sure most of us feel he is the righful “Air” apparent. It’s just sad that he hasn’t matured after all these years. Can I blame it on the NBA letting high school kids go to the pros? Maybe.

  • Bob

    Its Kobe’s play on the court. That sense that he cares less about winning and more about Kobe. He represents everything I despise in a selfish player engaged in a sport where succes is acheived through playing as a team.

    For every game winner he makes, he bricks 3 others. For every pass he makes, theres 5 other times he ignores wide open teammates. He is accolated for his defensive prowess, totally underservedly. For every steal, he plays the matador countless other times.

    Bottom line for me is he caused the Lakers the 2004 championship. Buss’ unwillingless to trade him likely cost the Lakers the 2005 and 2006 seasons as well.

    Thats why I hate Kobe Bryant.

    • Bryannaa Fudgee


      youu makee no typee of sensee ;
      whenn kobee is on thee court hee actually usess his teamm ; if hee wanted he cann ball hogg and onlyy use his self ; but he is not that selfishh ;
      as youu cann tell thee LAKERS SUCK ! thee only reason they seemm goodd is becausee of kobee ; hee is a greatt athelete && you dont evenn knoww himm too hatee himmm ; so whenn youu qoo andd talkk shit about himm ! watchh what youu say !

  • Therapist for $500

    All talent quantification attempts aside, I personally despise Kobe Bryant because once, (and I can’t believe I haven’t seen reference to this in my partial skim of the comments here) while here in Colorado a few years back, Kobe Bryant anally raped a young hotel employee at the hotel where she worked and he was staying. He eventually paid her off and charges were eventually dropped, as all successful atheletes seem to be able to do, bought his wife a 4ct diamond ring for all of her distress, and shuffled himself back to his life of athletic achievement and fame. So there will always be THAT asterisk by his name, in my mind, whenever that person is mentioned.

  • battousai11

    U know why people dislikes kobie because he talks shit performs like shit.. he said he never idolize jordan but he talks, walks and shoots like jordan.. no offense guys he is a good player but the way he consider himself as a good player cannot be acknowledge if he said he idolize jordan that’s ok who is not a basketball fan that does not like michael jordan right? the thing is kobe wanted to be graiter than jordan and we know he can but he needs to be a good leader first and respect other players so that they would respect him like other players do in the league..

    • creedo


      heh what do you thing Lebron is doing? bet you also don’t like Lebron..

  • Cool Breeze

    Kobe is over rated, pure and simple. Another in the long line of NBA ball hogs, he was just lucky enough to play with Shaq and win three titles. Besides the rape charge,(Yeah, he raped that girl. Loser–what millionaire has to force a woman to do anything sexually? Doesn’t he just move on to the next willing participant?) he’s never, ever given his dad any props for helping him develop his game. Preferring instead to masquerade as student of the game taking bits and pieces from other NBA legends like Jordan.

    Plus he’s just a phony. He said he didn’t like tattoos, but he got one after the “Colorado incident”. I guess he needed the “street cred”. He changed his number 8 to 24 to be “One over Jordan”. Or was it because a pr firm told him to do it to re-invent himself and get away from the stigma attached to his old number 8. Which rhymes with “Rape”, by the way.

    People know a phony when they see one and Kobe Bryant is a remarkable talent in a watered down NBA where all the players are chummy with each other, but he’s still not the real deal.

    • Bryannaa Fudgee

      @Cool Breeze,

      woahh woahh woahh !
      youu act likee peoplee don ‘ t makee mistakess !
      qett reall seriouss !
      hee defiantlyy onlyy qot a tattooo too support hiss dauqtherr soo youu shouldntt bee talkinn ‘ youu tryinn too talkk soo muchh shit about kobee && look at yourr self ! yourr makinqq yourr selff lookk likee a worthless haterr ! qroww somee ballss !

  • Philly Native

    1) Many people from Philly hate him because the media tries to claim that he’s from Philly and he isn’t. He’s from an area outside of Philly and lived in a rich neighborhood. Let’s not mention that he has no love for Philly anyway so why would we claim him? 2) Kobe, in the past, has had way too much attitude. People say it’s him being confident but really it’s him being cocky. 3) The refs, commentators, media….they all kiss his butt. The Celtics were doing good all last night and all they wanted to mention was how great of a player Kobe was. Everything is always one-sided when it comes to the Lakers. They need to have someone talking about how well other players/teams are doing and get off of Kobe so much. Kobe is NOT the NBA! There is other talent out there.

  • Ran.k

    ppl who says kobe is better then MJ should go to jail for stupidity.

  • StopHatingKobe

    Ok first of all..this is all just a bunch of bitch talk. im sorry. Leave his nuts to his wife. people hate greatness. period. as men we shouldnt be talking all this off the court personal shit. you know what the difference is, reality tv. this is not popularity contest, damn. its about championships. he has done his job better than most. if you dont have a personal investment in how he turns out as a man, shut the fuck up and watch basketball. Let his family, who know him and love him, worry about how he is off the court.

  • Vonne Williams

    I think the people who hate Kobe are jealous of him, especially his own kind. They hate the fact that he is successful. They talk alot of bull shit that he does not share the ball. I looked at many games that Kobe passed the ball to the players that were wide open and what happen they miss the shots. There were also many games played that had he not take the shots the Lakers would have lost.. Tell those haters to kiss his ass.
    Some people say that Kobe was lucky to have played with Shaq to win three titles. I think it should be the other way around. Kobe used to feed Shaq with the ball to get those shots. That is why Shaq got those awards. He should thank Kobe for making him popular. Shaq could not have made those shots without Kobe. He cannot even make get tha ball in when he gets free shots. I do not think Shaq hate Kobe.
    He is one of the greatest and he has proved it many times.

  • basketball mom

    Hmmm…I would think that if Kobe is sort of centered on himself, he would sort of need to be in order to get to the top and survive there…plently of people would would like to get into his head to make him doubt himself. He was probably trained to be mentally tough and not to 100% trust anyone because everyone has some sort of adgenda, especially when it comes to playing better/stronger faster than the other team mates or even being compared to other players on completely different teams.

    I would think that he needs to maintain and believe it himself, the tough image or he will fail and faulter.

    I would think that if a star player is exceptionally liked, that is the abnormal situation…so Go! Nash for being so well liked and being a great player as well, but I would think the norm would be the necessity of the ego and all that comes with that…it’s lonely at the top….although I do not think that he is alone in protecting himself in that way. Gotta be mentally tough, not just on the court but off because the jabs don’t stop when you step off the wood.

    But what do I know…I’m just a basketball mom : )

  • 4th Man

    Kobe is not liked for the following:
    1) chasing off Shaq
    2) copying Jordan
    3) downplaying Fischer’s captainship
    4) downplaying Gasol’s stardom
    5) rape
    6) very uncomfortable in his own skin
    7) phony
    8) horribly superficial
    9) changed his number for weird reasons (Jordan plus 1)

    • Will

      @4th Man, MJ is not liked for the following:

      1) Chasing off Doug Collins
      2) Copying Dr. J
      3) Punching Steve Kerr
      4) Punching Will Perdue
      5) Cheating on his wife
      6) Paying his Mistress to shut up about the affair
      7) Verbally abusing his teammates
      8) Phony: Real image is not like his marketed one
      9) Big, giant ego/full of himself: Latest example -HOF speech, also telling ref “do you know who I am!? (after foul call)…and moe
      10) Unforgiving / vindictive: HOF speech and more

      Guess I’ll stop there (Personally , I don’t care about some of the above, but lets be consistent). MJ is no better person than Kobe.

      • Jeff


        Just out of curiosity Will. How many women has MJ raped? My guess is none, and I only raise it because if you are saying things like “MJ is no better person than Kobe” you better come with all the facts.

        Neither man is a saint, but rape puts a guy beyond the scope of this discussion. Clearly Kobe is a way worse person than Jordan. Rape is a disgusting act.

      • 4th Man

        @Will, hence, my number 2 item) copying Jordan – – so I stated the opposite of what you say, Kobe is all too consistent with Jordan patterns, is my point exactly. You missed that. He even has his non-verbal forms of communication choreographed. Jordan probably should be hated, for reasons you have mentioned, but compared to Bryant, he is not, that’s all I am stating. Kobe is much more annoying and his Jordan cover has been blown.

  • Malcom

    I respect his game. He is the best in the NBA. But he makes it hard for me to root for my Lakers. We do I HATE KOBE? Because number 1 and 2, he’s a bitch and a snitch. 2004 rape case, He through his team under the bus., Shaq, Rick Fox, etc…He started telling the media about what his teammates did on the road. Not Cool. It was his trouble, not theirs. So why snitch? 3rd Reeason.. He broke up a dynasty. by running Shaq and Phil out of LA. Jerry Buss couldn’t take the Shaq trade back, but he went and begged (With a lot of milions) Phil to comeback.. And at 19 Kobe was shooting airballs in the playoffs. So he will NEVER BE the GREATEST LAker..That belongs to a rookie, who at 19, played point, jumped center and beat Dr. J and Moses Malone with a 42 point, 15 repond, and about
    8 assist to when the championship. Majic didn’t go 5-24 or whatever in the biggest game of the season. @#$%^ Kobe!!!

  • Will

    Hey Jeff,

    Just out of curiosity, how many women can you prove Kobe raped?? My guess is NONE! I suggest that you and “4th Man” get a dictionary and look up “accused” and “convicted”. Hint, they are two different things.

    You speak as if Kobe was accused, tried and convicted. I suggest it is you who needs to come with all the facts! Speaking as if someone is a rapist is very serious……..PROVE IT!, please. My guess is you can’t, no more than a judge and jury of Kobe’s peers did.

    I know you guys like to think MJ was/is a better person than Kobe, sorry ..he ain’t! Hate to burst your bubble but MJ’s public image was a carefully crafted farce!, used to hype the NBA and product sales….etc. Marketing at it’s best. The real MJ was/is vindictive, egotistical, grudge holding, mean spirited…and since the Jordan Jockers continue to bring it up concerning Kobe, MJ was a cheater too! Get over it.

    Yes, rape is a disgusting act. Calling a person a “rapist” without proof is disgusting also.

    You Jordan jockers make this soooo easy it’s hilarious! : ) Later , Jeffy!

    • Jeff


      Obviously you didn’t follow the case too closely. All the facts were there. Her blood on his shirt that was confiscated, his semen in her underwear, bruises on her, his skin under her fingernails. Rape kit was positive. The only reason he got off was because the victim ‘mysteriously’ decided not to testify. The DA had to fold the case without the victim willing to testify and not wanting to continue with the case.

      Wonder why half way through the trial she decided mysteriously to not continue? Maybe because she received a settlement? Not even a civil suit after? Hmm.obviously that clause was in the payoff deal.

      Wake up, don’t live your life without ever reading a paper, a docket, or watching the news. Blind ignorance is bliss I guess huh?

  • Will

    @ 4th Man,

    If you’re suggesting Kobe has copied all the negative patterns of MJ, that’s ridiculous. Who was MJ copying then, because all the negative stuff he has done have been done long before him too. Kobe’s life doesn’t revolve around MJ, Kobe even liked Magic better growing up. MJ is one of the guys who’s game Kobe liked, just like MJ had players he liked and copied, happens all the time. Nobody disses DR. J for copying Elgin Baylor and Connie Hawkins, happens all the time. Kobe is not a clone of MJ, they are similar in ways, not so much in others.

    As far as Kobe’s facial expressions, just shows how much he wants to win, it’s not fake. MJ didn’t invent facial expressions either! Geeez,

    What! “Jordan should be hated”..uhh, Jordan is hated. Hey, look! A google search of “hate Michael Jordan” gets more hits than “hate Kobe Bryant”

    Hilarious! Later fella’s

    • Jeff


      Did you seriously just do a google search trial without controlling any variables what so ever?

      The only reason the Jordan hate search you did brought up more results is because any search with the keyword Jordan will bring up way more results. Why? Because he’s 100 times more popular than Kobe, being the greatest of all time. Try searching just their names alone. Kobe isn’t even in the same ballpark.

      ‘Kobe Bryant’ brings up only 14.8 million results. ‘Michael Jordan’ brings up 40 million results.

      Man, it amazes me how weak your arguments are. Seriously.

  • Charles B.

    Most of the players that the fans DO like, arent actually themselves. Like i’m watching an interview of D wade or something and just look how he does the interview. He’s all nice and stuff and thats probably not him. I mean he’s a nice guy but he probly doesn’t vie a sh*t about the interview and isnt answering honestly. (but i love Dwade). But look at kobe, look at his post game interviews, he’s just there and he doesn’t give a sh*t. and I”m so tired of hearing this thing that he wants to be like jordan. Who DOESN’T wawnt to be like jordan? lebron wears 23. D wade does all these things like Jordan. And its not like jordan is the only one to chew gum. And if I was kobe, i wouldnt really care too much if everyone else hates me as long as my laker fans like me and my teammates and family. ANd thats the end of my short novel lol

  • Will

    @ Jeff,

    What country do you live in?? In the U.S. it’s “Innocent until proven guilty” You agree with this …right?? (Hint: type Y, E, S)

    The case against Kobe was anything but “open and shut”.

    @ 4th man,

    Good point about my search techniques. So I revised them, hopefully to your liking.

    A Google search of “I hate Michael Jordan” in quotes, gets only 33,600 hits.
    A Google search of “I hate Kobe Bryant” gets 441,000 hits.

    Wow apparently I’m an idiot, it seems Kobe is much more hated than MJ!….. But wait there’s more. Just for laughs I Googled:

    “I love Michael Jordan”, which got 43,800 hits, and
    “I love Kobe Bryant”, which got 765,000 hits

    Huh??? Looks like Kobe is much more loved than MJ!!!(say it ain’t so!!) Or, maybe it’s just Kobe’s time (he’s an active player, in the news more…), MJ is more behind the scenes, …Whatever, fact is both Kobe and MJ are loved and hated.

    But, Kobe’s Google “love” crowd is much bigger than his “hate” crowd, not so for MJ…just sayin ; )

    Btw, my above rape comments go to you too, since you included it in your weak “why Kobe is hated list”. You can apologize to Kobe anytime.

    Nice try fella’s,…….., not really…..amateurs.

  • aj

    How can anybody say that was shaq’s team or that Kobe was in his shadow. If you say that then you dont know your facts. Out of the three peat, two of the years Kobe averaged over 30.0 point per game. If thats living in someones shadow then thats whre I want to live.

    • Jeff


      NO HE DIDN’T He only averaged 22, 28, adn 25 during the 3peat regular season and in the playoffs 21,29, and 26.

      Shaq on the other hand averaged 30, 28, and 27 regular seaon and 31, 30, and 29 playoffs during those years.

      But the real key thing to note is that shaq wasn’t one dimensional as a scorer like Kobe was back then. Shaq also dominated other areas huge. Like rebounding he averaged 14, 13, and 11 rebounds per game those championship years and during the playoffs for the title years averaged 15, 15, and 13.

      As you can see Shaq up’ed his game in scoring and rebounding during the playoffs for those post season runs and was the dominant force behind the lakers wins. Kobe was just a long for the ride. Kobe was a great scorer on those teams, but there are many one dimensional scoers that could have taken his place and the lakers would have still easily won the title.

      C’mon AJ….Looks like you need to be the one to check your facts!!!

  • jim palmore

    Will Kobe ever catch MJ? Only time will tell. He’s 31yrs old and has a very good team around him. I do know that its hard for old heros to be replaced or even challenged in the minds of their devote supporters. Believe me, there will never be another MJ. Kobe exists because MJ did what he did! But lets give Kobe some creidt guys! Lets throw out to some degree all this talk about how selfish he was, is or whatever. lets stop talking about his ego and arogance. Nobody’s ego was bigger than Jordan’s. he always refered to his teammates as HIS supporting cast and they were. But come on, Over the past 10 yrs there is only one player that most coaches and players themselves look at and say night in and night out – WOW! Kobe won’y ever be MJ but atleast give him credit for accomplishing the things that few have dared to even think about.

  • Elgy

    Everybody hates him because he is an asshole and he is great.

  • udi

    I don’t know about the others but I hate Kobe because he’s always been very arrogant and moreover I don’t think the comparison between him and michael is necessary.what i hate most about kobe’s fans is that they say ‘kobe has 5 rings and 1 more he will be like michael’.lets get things straight:KOBE HAS ONLY 2 RINGS!!!the first 3 champs were only because of Shaq and his big was shaq’s team and the reason the lakers won the champ was because of shaq.the last 2 champs are kobe’s no doubt and as much as i hate him i admit that.
    Kobe Bryant is a great basketball player but his selfishness and arrogance makes him for me the most hated basketball player of all time.

  • X