Monday 22nd January 2018,
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The Nextology of Michael Jordan: Part IV – Harold Miner

The Hoop Doctors love Michael Jordan. That’s got to be pretty obvious to everyone by now. So in honor of Michael, and to discourage the media from pretending to be clairvoyant in the future when it comes to comparing young ballers to the greatest to ever play, every week I will be shining a little light on each of the media’s shortcomings when it has come to these ridiculous and presumptuous predictions.

These posts are not intended to disrespect any of the players compared to Jordan in any way. They all had excellent careers and were or are tremendous basketball players. It is not your fault someone with very little knowledge of the game or even the skill to play this game decided to call you the “Next Jordan”. Part IV to my series called “The Nextology of Michael Jordan” will be looking at Harold ‘Baby Jordan’ Miner:

But to take a good look at how different their careers were, I think you always have to start off by taking a birds eye view of the comparison by checking out their individual career stats. Here is the statistical comparison below in this chart:

H.M. Stats: 9.0 ppg 2.2 rpg 1.2 apg 0.4 spg 0.1 bpg .460 FG% .311 3P% .785 FT%
M.J. Stats: 30.1 ppg 6.2 rpg 5.3 apg 2.4 spg 0.8 bpg .497 FG% .327 3P% .835 FT%

Of all of the players in this series to be compared to Michael Jordan by the media, Harold Miner is definitely the least deserving. Once again this isn’t a knock on Harold Miner, he was a great leaper and two time dunk contest winner, but his actual all-around game was seriously lacking. In fact he only ended up playing 4 seasons in the NBA before failing to make the Toronto Raptors squad in 1996 and quietly walking away from pro basketball.

Harold Miner will always be remembered as the guy with amazing vertical leap. After being drafted 12th overall by the Miami Heat in 1992, Miner quickly earned the nickname “Baby Jordan” due to his ridiculous leaping ability. He never failed to entertain in a dunk contest, and won both the 1993 and 1995 contest. I will never forget the 1995 contest when he upset the field by taking down the defending champion and heavily favored Isaiah Ryder. Just one year earlier Ryder had shocked the world by putting the ball through his legs on a dunk coined the “East Bay Funk”. For me Miner will always be known for the style and flash he brought to the reverse dunk called the “Bread and Butter”.

But back to what counts for a minute…..on court play. Miner was all flash and very little substance. He was not a great defender, and although he shot a decent percentage, he was often in the coaches bad books due to poor shot selection. Those coaches, Alvin Gentry and Kevin Loughery, never really gave ‘Baby Jordan’ much burn. Miner only averaged 18 minutes per game throughout his short career.

After retirement, word has it that Harold Miner is now a real estate investor in Las Vegas and has continually shied away from the media and taking any interviews…

Tell us your thoughts below on Harold Minor being once called ‘The Next Jordan’ and ‘Baby Jordan’…..Also stay tuned next week for Part V in the “Nextology of Michael Jordan” series by Dr. Anklesnap.

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  • Harold is basically like a cult hero for dunk fans. That’s about it.

  • Josh

    Just analyze Kobe Bryant and rid of this ridiculous “Nextology of Michael Jordan”

    We all know that hes the most qualified to be the next Michael Jordan.

  • ohiobasketball

    I enjoy reading the site.

    The comparison between Harold Miner to Mike in the early ’90s is everything that is wrong about basketball. Granted, that everyone knew he didn’t have near the skill set of Michael, but to even tout him as Baby Jordan is ridiculous.

    It frustrates me today in basketball that you only have to possess one trait (leaping ability) in basketball to have “unlimited potential”. How about a jump shot, strength, dribbling ability, touch, intelligence. Those don’t play into potential?

    Harold Miner was not a basketball player. He was a human being that could bounce off the floor better than 99.9%. Unfortunately, basketball is another jumping contest. And that is why you Harold barely got a taste of the NBA.

  • ohiobasketball


    Meant to say – basketball is NOT a jumping contest.

  • John Davis

    OMGosh dude no way, are you kidding me?


  • @Josh – We’re gonna get there fella….patience is a virtue…..the Mamba comparison will be here….

  • @ohio – excellent points

  • Jack X

    “He never failed to disappoint in a dunk contest” I think you’ve got one too many negatives.

  • naseef

    Wheres damien wilkins edition? He is the true next mj

  • Anklesnap

    Good Pickup Jack X

  • ebwel

    i think people need to remember that harold miner had never been labeled the next michael jordan to begin with, he was BABY jordan. there’s a huge difference.

  • Davan Mani

    One of the problems that I saw with Harold Miner was that he all the moves as Jordan but not the coaching. Dean Smith taught Michael how to score 30 a game without his athleticism. That meant reading rebounds, off screens, passes, rotations, and movement.

  • Ben Lean

    Miner was a legend!

    If you compare his college record to that of MJ’s you will see why he got the nickname!
    Miner led the NCAA in scoring and set USC records that still stand today, you don’t et stats like that if you only have jumping ability!
    He was never given a decent go in the NBA and if he had been given the game time to develop his game for the NBA format maybe he would have lived up to his name!

  • Gil

    Miner got the baby Jordan nickname in college, wore 23 and showed his tongue. His size a little short for the L, ridiculous expectations and fat contract, might have contributed to his demise.

  • Meklo

    Harold Miner wasn’t nothing except dunks… I went to school with him. My older brother who is Ricardo Akins was the best ballplayer to come out of INGLEWOOD H.S.

    • Bwills900

      @ Meklo serious! I went to school with Harold from elementry to Jr high to IHS. He has always been the realist ball player from ING.

  • james

    lebron james is the nxt mj if u thick kobe bryant is the nxt mj then u need to get a life kobe SUCKS!!!!! if u like lebron james give me a LJ if u think kobe is better then give me a boooooooo!!!!!

  • Chenqinmei123

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  • MarioP

    The only thing that is rediculous is, that most people here don’t even get close to honor a skilled player like Harold Miner was. I watched his College games back then when I was maybe 13-14 years old. I was a huge Michael Jordan Fan back then and now, but I can tell you, after watching Harold Miner playing in TV, I was immediatly infected by his spectecular way of playing. That dude was a Superstar, and he deserved every penny that he made with his Nike commercials, even though he was still a college player. Harold Miner was the closest player to Michael Jordan, when it came to: Looks, dunking, leaping, and even his shots where great. He was really good at the freethrow also.
    The only reason Harold went down was, because his coaches sucked like hell, and let him sitting on the bench! They destroyed a potential Megastars career by holding him back!
    When he got some time and finally played in the NBA games he was awesome!
    Check his points per Minute stats!
    The fans loved him! As soon as he got into the game or got the ball, people went nutz! They knew Harold would do something amazing with the ball.
    Watch his highlights, and also watch on uTube: Harold Miner and Michael Jordan met.
    You can see how freaking awesome and stylish that dude was.
    Michael Jordan and Harold Miner had more style than the whole league put together.
    If those dumbbrained coaches did’t let him sit on the bench all his career, he would have passed people like Kobe Bryant easily!
    He had very bad chance.
    No game time, and 2 knee injuries, destroyed his career!
    Kobe and all the rest are nothing against Harold Miner!
    Mario from Germany

    • backoffimascientist

      That and his horrible defense and that he would settle for terrible shots.